Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my finger hurts

well as always
there is something that hurts on my body
and its not my privates
although i always think i have a hernia
prolly do

well my finger hurts
and it was gettin good
except when u play bluegrass
to the tempo of 180 beats or so
and trying to climb hard

had a good weekend of music
and then this happened on monday night

this is the Lil Smokies
doing some fuckin recordin
bout time huh
hopefully it will be more than an EP

here is the man with the plan

Travis Yost (from Clerics, etc.)

recording is very very shitty
especially with 5 ADHD bandmates
fortunately we got shit done
and monday will be our last hurrah
before sending demos out for band comps
and inbred bluegrass comps

not sure if i mentioned before
but i drank once

that is what i thought the next day


but my friend Nikki
had fun
the day before
Nikki was Great Falls
she falls a lot
and had MS
but as friends
she cant pull that card
(sounds mean i know)
(but were good friends)
so up there
she was black out
and fell straight flat on her face
this time with consequences

other than that
i am excited for Deaner to be back
and be excited too
Jesse is on the lock down
sorry bud
ice, heat, ice, heat my finger

Monday, March 12, 2012

i climb, yeah

it is nice
it is nice outside
well prolly not the next 4 ta 5 days

went to loho one day
by my lonesome
and tested out
what is called "rock"
and it was good
and then
went with "dill pickle"
another day
and tried hard projects

one is this one

it is a willie hard first move
and i feel after that
it will go, not easy
but better

i really really want to do this
but i need some right biceps (yes plural)
to do this thing
i started to warm up on the opening move
but soon, my bicep started to get sore

fuckinnn sweeeettttt
it will go down

and before that we tried a crimpy as shat thing
this is my 50mm lens shot
you can tell that i am a pro photo man

the day or two before
i went by myself
and walked up from the project
and this was what i saw

could be a poacher drop
or a yeti feasting place

finger still sucks balls
but nothin a little
vitamin I
and tape

oh and i drank for the first time
if anyone fuckin really wants to know
god is out
booze (nahhh)
i forgot what a hang over was
and the next day
so back to straight edge gospel junkie!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ta death

i am bored to death

is supposed to be very nice
supposed to cuz it is supposed to


get to go outside and climb
been nursin the body
so i feel really good
parking lot wall
is going down all week

boulderin training
and then
go to parking lot wall
i doesnt make sense to me either
i just need to get scared a little bit
and parking lot wall is a prettyyyy good place to do that
we will c

one of the lights burnt out in the drawing light

this is what i do with that

the pre slammm

and the "right when shit explodes"

thought it was a decent idea to wear a down
now i have a hole bout 1 inch long
o well
fun timessss