Monday, June 29, 2009

how many days

watched swingers recently
awesome but "make me feel" weird movie
meaning u feel embarrassed for them in the movie
but anyways
in the movie it explains
to wait "how many days to call"
when he gets a number from a girl
his friends say 2 or 3 days
he does it that night and it is a funny scene
for me.
i danced last, last weekend at the "Badlander"
and ended up dancing with
"Noel" i cute but innocent girl
i played it chiil, but drunk mode
and left, like a cool dude, ha, nono
then this last saturday i was dancing at
the "Top Hat" and ran into her again
she literally said forcefully,
"give me ur number""i want ur number"
so i still played it cool
"ok ok"
then we danced and i went outside with my awesome roomate
"miss billie"
then i forgot sort of or was playing COOL
and she came out and was leaving
and said it again
"give me ur number"
so i did
later that night, cuz when ive been raging
its been latteee
and about 2"30
i got a text saying
"thanx for the dances" noelll
so now my point is...
its been two days and i dont really care to much ya know
cuz i love being alone but
since she demanded my number
she should call, huh?
Huh? maybe but i should too
i guess if i think i was someone else
i would call cuz "you can get laid easy" as some one says
im not a fuckin bro-skeeee
so no
but i am not a creep also
so she has to per-sue me,

Monday, June 22, 2009

safety song

its a song
about safety!!!!

that's right, safetyyyy!!!!

-what to do when you ride a bike

-get in a car

-ride in a motorboat

that's right!!

be the SAFEST by using SAFETYYYYY!!!!!

that is my catch cuz i wrote a safety song
my sister thinks its a good idea for money
i myself, think it is creepy
but it is damn easy writing a children's song
and i wrote 3 other ones too
-food pyramid song
-old hound dog
-3 meals and 2 tooth-brushings ( yea i know)
but they are soon to be in sound
along with all my other non-creey children songs
oh yea

Monday, June 15, 2009

bending vs binge-eeng

well 3 or 4 or 5 days later
i am still alive
and now it is the start of my weekend
at 3:51 am on monday morn
i realize that a lot of things go down
even if u dont remember
new ones too
"my" definition of party-ing
and i realized tonight at me friends house that
scott james parker
has came along way
in name speaking wise
01. scott
02. scotty
03. scotty p
04. scotty pee
05. scotty pee pants
06. pee pants
07. pants

wow, thank you chad
and thats only on bar graph/histogram
i also realized that when people meet
and call me scotty right away
i feel awkward for them
not just me
when i say.
"hi im scott"
you say, "hi SCOTT, im ______"
scotty is for comfortable people
not you, or her, or him
but you
and my eyes are getton ick.
ok ok
me tired now
night night

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st time for everything

-it diss appeared
-no sight, no wipe
-im sure i felt it come out
-i am proud to say, of what i can remember of my past
___my first ghost pooper___
yes indeed
my first

Thursday, June 4, 2009

JJJ and lovin life


Me name be Jimmy
Jam James

I love roundin cattles on paved country roads,

Fightin with fierce "rocks"

and makin fire on rocks

that is what i, Jimmy Jam James

love best

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

in my darkness

in the darkness....
-i look ravid
-my ab-yul-clar musk-els look fit
-my chest hair is lighter in dark-ened light
-my hand skin is dominate
-with out breathing, i have a perfect 6
-its only me around me-self
-i will do stomach thrutches for fun
-think that a double chin is present
-but find out it is ur neck beard forming
-i itch with about 29 miss-gee-toe bites about
=s.j.p. in the darkness
=s.j.p. in the flesh
-can u wait
-cuz i cant...mhmm