Sunday, February 27, 2011


lets see if i can get this questionnaire right

at the bar the other night, yea surprise
hangin with some folks that i not necessarily sort-a want to hang out with
have to cuz i am hangin out with them
and the conversations or 'questions' were rather 'a bore'
so for them to avoid further bland 'answers' to their questions
i decide to join 2 that i want to hang with for a smoke
yea, a smoke
and as i am enjoying a 'camel blue' or 'camel light' outside
one of the few passerby's outside happens to be a gym chick, sort-a dreamy too
that i have never talked to or ever intend to
cuz member, u dont ever talk to dream girls

and she says
'hey, you smoke?'
for the first word of conversation that extracts out of her mouth to be that
i just act drunkin-ly great with my humor
and say
'why yes, would u like one?'
it felt like that question game
ya know, where you get asked a question and then answer with another question
except she said
'no, i do cardio'
well shit lady
i was polite and said
'well, i do too'
and that was that
cuz being a passerby, you are walkin and dont stop
unless you have a reason to
hopefully i will never talk to her
unless she sees me doing some weird work out
or Cardio in the gym
then things will get weird

so i went inside and questioned peoples questions for the fun of it

Saturday, February 26, 2011


so after about 6 or 7 years of record collecting
or becoming broke because of music
or a never-ending-story
i have finally found that one record
it has been numerous ebay bids of $100
and never won
and never found it anywhere
well yesterday
i go on my somewhat bi-weekly record scramble
in the fellow at Rockin Rudy's 2 holds bluegrass records for me
and i come in as usual expecting new old shit i dont have
this record i present to you was glowing like gold in the pile
i shit my pants
like had to go check my shit cuz i thought i shit my pants

and i got it for 8 dollars
8 fucking dollars
VG+ too
that means Very Good Plus conditions

John Hartford's "Morning Bugle"
shit yea

Now the search it is not over
cuz there is another mysterious copy out there
so my search actually never ends
but today ill let it rest
YEAAAAAAA for music

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mad Libbed

or maybe not mad lib but fill in the blank

this is what i think Thawn is saying


and Scam is replying with


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, maybe able to believe
i am not though... 'able to believe'
cuz i dont give a shit
what you ask?
whelll, you asked the wrong question

#1 of my list

search jpeg size in google images
what for you ask?
whelll, you asked the right question

perhaps, a nice crux crimp on some pro-climbing photo
a covered swimsuit breast on the new SI swimsuit magazine

yeah, bigger jpeg file
Bigger picture

Dont think too hard

#2 that brings me to tech-nol-o-gee

not sure bout ya'll but im ready for "the new"

dont watch but read "I, Robot"
great robot-techo shit
and who wrote it, Isaac Asimov
I very much wish this dude was my father
Look at those burns

find his grave
and dig up some of that DNA
this dude needs to be reproduced
and after you get done reading 'I, Robot'
get yourself 'Alien Years'
it is not about some 2012 shit
end of the world crap
it is about aliens, duh

and this is my other wishful father i wanted

Robert Silverberg

he is still alive
and by that nasty goat-tee
he does probably reproduce quite regularly
why i love this guy dearly is not only that he is a sci-fi man
but a soft-core writer
hell yeah
yeah i heard it too
that porn music thats reaming through your head

in every book he writes
that ole vaginee thing that women have is called "the triangle"
funny stuff
"crescent triangle"
"bearded triangle"
every time i come across it
i stop, and imagine
what, wouldnt you
pretty descriptive triangle

but unfortunately i have to read Native American Philosophy right now
so no time for fun read time
but ill hopefully make up for it in 7 months in counting (down)

quote that could from me (say it in an old grannies voice cuz its better)

"dont forget your snow-shoes young feller"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Did You Know

just some factiods on the funniest american holiday for ya

1. Telephone wires do not 'hum' from electricity, it is from the wind. Sort of like a guitar string.

2. Shooting stars are actually meteors in the Earth's atmosphere.

3. Carat for Carat, the ruby is more valuable than the diamond. That is why I am a cancer.

4. Tapetum, is a thingy-ma-jinger in animals eyes that make them glare with light.

This could be some useful information to talk about just in case your Valentine's Day date is heading toward destruction or boredom.
Dont thank me, thank Bananas Grow on Trees (1978)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Some photos from this past weekend at Maverick Ski Mountain

Katee-Cat lookin amused and lookin in to YOUR eyes (bout 2:30am)

Andy rippin on every instrument as usual
and saying in his head
"are those my hands?"
(bout 3:47am)

Cams got his mando stuck (the am of am's)

Then a couple shots from the Bishop trip
that were still on my camera

Kyle's Aids Hands
Neeleys Tender Tip

Brandon showing us what we should NOT do

"Almost, fuck, shit," says me
Kyle on Acid Wash Left

Soon i will have no homework
or music
and Sams will show me video skill on macs
then i will put up a send and neeley pulling out shrubs of frustration
oh yea

Saturday, February 5, 2011

no sking allowed

music is great
it sucks when you get a shat load of texts about climbing this weekend
actually 2,
and you have to go to some shitty ski resort
and play music
yeah, sounds wonderful
but when you hate snow and shit weather
and do not ski
it makes you just want to sit at home and stare at the tv
and not climb
cuz that is what is going to happen for 2 days
sounds terrible huh
for some reason if i dont make it to the gym 1 day
i feel sluggish
so i guess it could be a good thing to take the day or two off
the whole 3-5 hours a day workinworkinworkin gym style
is way to obsessive right now
but it is fun time
maybe ill come back with some just fabulous photos
of the ski area, ha
ill burn 'em before they hit the big time