Sunday, October 31, 2010

sober day

checkin in to homework
but dont ever really have any
dont count art as that shit
but for people that use stumble upon
that like art.
go to

good stuff
and lots of different shit
sort of like things about things
ya know

also, gonna do the "2 times a month" sunday thing
best buy, barnes n noble, walk around home depot
thats bout it.

could waste bout 2 hours doing that shit

have to do a scenario scene for photography this week
all i can think of is dead shit
but here is an old good friend from highschool
great stuff
i can and u could probably tell
that she is from wyoming
go get them lady
i know how to fill out grad papers
me dumb drrrrrrrr
no i dont know how

well, found out greenstein knows how
and also, he is alive
bit of a crazy-nesss last night
oh, and i am alive too


Friday, October 29, 2010


had some new faith in kooter yesterday

climbed the tempess
which is very good and a very good warm up
then went over and cleaned up the 2nd pitch to "low fat turkey dog"
pretty awesome link it will be
12a or b ? into 12 b or c ?
equals 12c or d

not sure but a good 30 meter route to be had soon

oh its halloween
a "used to be favorite holiday"
now i just wanna get out a town n go climb
yes, cliche and cheezy sounding but true

some other things on the mind r

thank god i didnt go to signal path last night
it wouldve been a 3 to 4 day recovery
given the effects

wondering what album Phish will cover for halloween
yeah, cant wait
the past albums have been

1994- the beatles "white album"
1995- the who "quadrophenia"
1996-talking heads "remain in light"
1998- velvet underground "loaded"
2009- rolling stones "exile on main street"

so for all you jam band haters
and rap/hip-hop lovers (same fuckin thing)
do yourself a favor and listen to one of these shows
cuz it is live, not studio
whoa, sorry

but word is they r going to play

1. Queen’s “A Night at the Opera,”

2. Genesis, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” or“Selling England By the Pound,”

3. Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland,”

4. King Crimson’s “Lark’s Tongue In Aspic"

5. Frank Zappa

6. Led Zepplin

yep its called the grapevine
they dont have that at rappy-rap shit grapevine now do they
well, other than rape and killings

to make you phish haters hate
i now have 593 shows
and that includes studio albums

i graduate in the spring
thats all
me n jetta r going to have a lot of road time after that

who wants to go to smith rock for thanksgiving

well for now

Sunday, October 24, 2010

runnin with the devil

had an awesome day the other day
yes, i prayed the night before
to god
and also cuz i repeated a whole bunch of problems
at loho

weather was pissy to go to the nicehouse
thank god

so we decided to go to loho

i did

fetus raper
spread em stand
belayed reaction (1st ever)
new zulu (way better, but alright)
beautiful people
the traverse
gib mir feff

yeaaaaa for god

if ur reading this
i am hoping you just came from a place of worship
cuz it helped me fight my shit
so no more drugs and alcohol
and runnin with the devil
well, maybe a little bit
not too much
maybe, sorta, kinda really, but not

Friday, October 22, 2010

Boulders, n Bluegrass

yes, a great title but it fits

shoulder is good
and out a shape indeed

a little bit of info on how to heal an injury

#1. drink a lot (cuz ya cant climb)

#2. take drugs (cuz ya cant climb)

#3. ride gym bike n do abs only (cuz ya cant climb)

#4. play lots of music (cuz ya cant climb)

thats bout it
just drinkin and druggin (hank III)

joe recently got the first ascent of the nice house proj
nice work boy, but the name??? come on now

then molly followed up with the 2nd
and then sam with the 3rd, no no
just kiddin, he keeps fallin from the top
shoulda been a punter in futbal
sorry sam, ur weird lately

joe on "swamp fox or swamp donkey or backwoods baptist"

also played the bozeman bluegrass fest last weekend
and stayed up all night like usual
like i said, drinkin n druggin

here are some recent pics
that cracked out greenstein took
he says the differ

broken valley roadshow
w/brain paw on fiddle

i fuckin hate bluegrass
and have no fun

matt hates it too

cam, pete, n aaron

cam n aaron n me

Saturday, October 16, 2010

i guess since i play too much music
i cant climb
so while i wait to play music
i help aaron fulfill his quest to beat zelda 64 on wii

"i hate those fuckin spiders,
they won't let you go anywhere."
says aaron

"dont worry
go through the left door and kill the skullietas,
and then the princess will be safe. next up
i say

yea so bozeman today
homework sunday
car monday
and then tuesday i will be able to go back outside
i guess more rest for the shoulder

and super mario on super nintento is bad asssssss

Saturday, October 9, 2010

double your pleasure

few climbing days makes me happy
c i was confused reading that too
i forgot to add in some words
the few climbing days, that i have been out, makes me happy
there better
or maybe not

got really close on another pleasure dome proj
just need some more scrubbin up top and donee
3 done
scrubbed some more of the nice house
and too bad god hates us or me and makes it rain
cuz it was really nice out
despite the god thing and rocks
equals, not so dry frictionee rock

never the less, and always the more
kyle almost sent one of the lines
and this is what you have to do on it

double pinch heel

very cool features on this rock
"not like lolo"
as they say

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

come sing it now

"goin climbin climbin climbin"
"oh yeahhhhh"

pretty cool song huh
just wrote it

went to the doctor
ole man rivers more like it
and basically i told him more than he knew
thanks to internet and ken and jesse

sort a funny
nothin wrong with it
just overuse and me being dumb as shit

so i am takin it slow
like in a relationship
but i am not going to break hearts
cuz it is my shoulder
it has no feelins

katie said shes gonna "hook me up"
with one of the rockin rudy chics
shit yeah, i love 18 year olds

i think i might go home n shave
no no
i will grow a creepstash


i heard this joke the other day
love it

"how many dead hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb"

"a number you've never heard of"

yep, it made me go out and buy some 28w 36L black jeans

some major "denim cock" there
not sure what that is, huh
well look at the album cover "sticky fingers" by rolling stones
that will give you a picture

well going to go do homework of the homework i dont have to do
watch movies or make pots
like the saying "Save Babies OR DIE"