Saturday, October 29, 2011

hi im ur neighbor

that is what i have to say about my nieghbors
Linda, u is nice
her house is getting taking back
by the bank
she is happy (divorces)

tom and sandra (or saundra)
not sure
are happily married
(not for long)

and then there is chad
my roomate

im glad that he is borrowing this car
it looks a little
chimo-ish is me
no, u not know what chimo is
chi=child mo=molester

but luckly that shit is V8
and a bad ass mobile


he has a 47" tv
that is why today
i am going to freeze my gym account
to get glued to the tv
or just cuz i dont want to pay
50 fuckin dollars

Thursday, October 27, 2011

the good genes

some families prolly have good genes
some families have meth geans
party genes
skinny JEANS (damn hip-sters)
and others just have great genes

some of my genes consist of

Reeeetard Gene
o, mentally handi i mean

YMCA mom and pops gene

Dean Genes
'none of what u think'
just inspire-each-other-smoke-cigs-find-rock-gene

Child Gene
'73% all day'
except when i perform, ya know what i mean!!!!!

killer among the beasts gene

Super Gumby Gene

oh and another Gumbeee

there are other wonderful genes
but these are an example
of if u are a pretty young thang, can have.

no, dont be scared
hopefully no young thang will know i do this
cuz i could probably go to jail
of be hated be the likes

in my life
i look for
willing to ya know

oh, and the spida is back for a bit
who knows
but it is a long story
basically i should be a business man
in that venture

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


there was an inside joke
a couple of years ago
about "Spiderrr Fighttt"
but you say it with grit
and sort of a hisssss voice

only makes me laugh really hard
we were all probably blackout
when doing this

there was no fight unfortunately
but only a lonely spider

well, maybe not, ill wait for another time
to get more "gritty"

just that this particular spider
usually eats its male "buddy"
after "buddy-ing"

the funny thing is..
guaranteed ill get texted tonight or the next
and i will accept

and also
i always wondered about emotions in texting
if you text, just fuckin call
or maybe cuz sppppiiidersss cant sppppeeeeaak

maybe i should be a hero
and be this guy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Push it, Push

having the fun in blast
creating new in old
making lapses from time
these could be spanish but english phrases
ya know

ive been doing a little of this

and some of this

and get to work on the hardwood floors
with friends that build this shit

So i hope he does a good job

been actually thinkin of climbing outside lately
oh, right,
moist rain secreting from the exhausted clouds
to make the wet ground wetter

and in other news
there is a new dream girl #74 or#73

Monday, October 17, 2011


upper rattlesnake
there is a cabin
or couse

u take this road

and find this there

where gangsters are among the poverty

and when u sleep...

that is unless gangstas are gangsta-in
and crackheads are crackhead-in
and junkies are junkie-in
and whores are whore-in must take this into consideration

my dreams have seem to be getting bigger
n bigger
cuz i am dreaming bigger and better
and bigger is better.. right?
and deja vu is dreams... right?
and dreams are deja vu... right?
if you dream big
you will get shut down
like a flushing toilet
with a turd swirling n swirling
and never be able to get back
if you dream big
money starts slowly seeping
into your pockets
and those are empty pockets too
with no holes n them
and time speeds up
and u make more n more money
and u smile
and then die sometime in the future

Sunday, October 16, 2011

all by my lonesome


i have no wallet
(lost it)
no debt card (to get money out)
no id (to show someone)
no money (to buy a beer)
no insurance card (to show a cop if pulled over)
no stamps (to send letters to lovers)
no safeway card (to buy an orange)
no groove can business card (to show people)

other cards too
that are important
but maybe not

some people say they want their houses to burn down
so they can get rid of all there shit
and collect insurance money and start over
unfortunately i do not collect
and dont want shit to burn
but i did need a new debt card
"far to many swipes"

luckly i can move in tomorrow
or somewhat "move in"
cuz i feel like this

but that raven or crow
is still smiling
i bet my wallet is somewhere safe though

Thursday, October 13, 2011


purple lips
and laughter

red lips
and laughter

this what happens
on occasion
not usually though

not really
but yea

with squinches new garth glasses

usually when u dont wear glasses
your vision is blurred
usually when u dont wear glasses
i am never blurred out of your vision

weird huh
must be something to do with something

not sure what that means
but something spe-she-all i bet

hopefully "my people"
that let me be "not homeless"
will miss me when im gone
well, i know they will
cuz they tell me that
i think they whisper in my ear when i sleep

"wwwwwere gonna misssssss you"

but luckly, for them, ha
i am moving 2 blocks away

were gonna build one of those
can - string - can devices
and talk to each other
every night at 7:00 pm
unless i have to put the kids away

here is
4 Garths
without the upper lip tuck in

mr. urs truthfully


mr. man

dr. miss

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

in the next few days

friday is the day i sign papers
and sign more papers
from an adoption
for a sweet little baby boy

i cant wait
and have been thinking about this for a veryyyyy

so so excited
i think ill rename him David
cuz of my strong belief in the Bible
which he is an ancestor of Jesus Christ
through St. Joseph and Mary (wiki)

or maybe

"rule of the spear"

or maybe

Scott Jr.
thats it
Scott Jr. James
kids at school will call him
Jr. James

i am not adopting "anything"
but actually
signing papers on a house

and the things i will be doing is building this
it is a rough draft though

and that person will be built in it too

and ripping up carpet
bleaching every surface of everything
dreaming (in my own fuckin bed)
shitting (in my own toilet)
dancing (naked)

you name it with -ing
and ill be doing it

ill think about climbing trip
or somewhere

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fake it, right

Look at my smile
Look at that

a definition of
"A Fake Smile"

i think cuz i am free
for women.. that is
sure ill do a million or two $$$$
for 80+

but gonna need a gallon of
"you know what"
for those old ladies
do u think they sell that at costco

"do u have a gallon of 'you know what' "
"oh, and a pack of 400 of 'ya knows' "

"uhhhh, nope"

oh well
always needed a little sparkee runnin 'round
with an old sugar mama

my day today, consists
of possibly going to the old folks home
and pickin up some love
and cutting up paper
for art
and then finding a zephyrus northface for cheap
and then meetin with a realtor
then fine dining with a lady
and then cuddling up..


with a sweet flower print pillow

"yeah, its mine"
and ive had it for a long time
thanks mom!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

thy other day

so just the other day
excuse me
today i mean

i was reading a novel

this is just a re-enactment picture
of when i was reading
it was not that novel
but a different one

and it occurred to me
that reading in a SUIT
makes you more knowledgable toward
higher capacities for learning
bigger and better "things"
that make you think

and growing old in my age
some say that
"you start to decline and go downhill"
"you cant read, loser"
"give up and stop now"
"nah nah nah nah nah nah"
well, bullshit

cuz i feel great and not only do i feel great
but my friends do too

if u close your eyes and smile
cuz that always helps
imagine ur flying

this is what i do
when im on the verge of depression
juuuuuuust kidding
i cant get depressed
and that sucks

i actually just close my eyes and fly
alllllll dayyyyyy loooooong
i am just sittin and waiting for
1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 days
when i can be really happy
and sleep in my own bed
and own a home

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


someone told me
"there is a treasure somewhere"

a couple of hours plus days ago
i went on that search

after long hole diggin
i found much but nothing

the dirt that was dug was dark
like that mica (gemini) finding days of my youth
that dirt was dark that i dug... too

and to my surprise
my palms were stained

lucky for me dawn soap
and washed
and washed
my palms back to the original status

what a long day it was

someone told me after
"you forgot the treasure map"

Monday, October 3, 2011


My Young Grandmother Kay

dont feel like gettin old

my dad says
"gonna take my .45 and head down the river"
my mom says
"pull the plug"
i say
"thats fucked up mom and dad

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Some friends, great friends
well, the house im currently reclining in's owner
went to visit a funeral
or that sounds bad
went to give condolences in my hometown
Gillette, WYO

i politely asked them if they could go to my home
my childhood home
and of coarse take a pic

and they did
thank YOUU

they took some bushes out
but it looks nice

i lived here for 18 years
i lived in the 3rd window to the left
til bout 6th grade
then moved the the left 2
let me tell you
i snuck and out made out
with thee ladies
a few to many times
there is a tale that i cannot tell
bout one time
maybe another time

havent been back to gtown
in like 3 to 4 years
no need
cuz my folks live here now

why am i donig this
writin bout houses
being 27 in all
pure young sweet handsomeness
and a butter rye toast will
get you fuuuther and farther
away from something
not sure what

oh fuckin retired people, jeeezzz