Monday, March 28, 2011

my time in school

dwindling down, the school time is

i am in art school
not really an artistok, an artist but not like some kids here
starting to not like ceramics one bitso i draw light bulbs and 11" straight lines that always turn left
and start 11" from the left and bottom
so here is somethings i do in 'college'
i know, college

'39 Lightbulbs' 2011 (26"x 40")

'Eleven Left' 2011 (18"x 30")

close-up 'Eleven Left"

like art school
art these days in this post-modernist world

there is back story's to the story's of "why" i made these pieces
pretty cool n complicated huh?

and when explaining these pieces
i do not use the words


but i do use the words


o, look, its sunny out for a bit

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Divided Sky

Yesterday was a great day
yes it was
there was a divided sky in the morn
producing sunlight
ahhh, help me clouds

headed out to lost horse
with dylan and joeshmo
fun time
went to lost girlfriend boulder
and it is amazing
and then while trying the 8/9
a duder walks up and was walkin his goat
funny shit
at that moment
i unfortunately realized i didnt put my card in my camera
so no photos

then we went to Cradle 'N' All
which after a bit, i sent with a little shakyness
(sort a high)
sweeet, new problems in loho gone down
thanks dillpickle for the spot buddy
4 days until i get a break from this place, yepeeee

Thursday, March 24, 2011


If your a retro-nerd and born around the 80's
which, i am and am not
check this site out.
or if ur homeworkin, surfin, whatever
check it out
cuz it takes a lot of ur sitting around time
and turns it in to complete fun

Thursday, March 17, 2011


there is more fans and fanatics since the internet

i remember when....

my sister said
"i am going to use the world wide web"

if i couldve said
"what the fuck is that"
in front of my mother, i would have

but all these years have passed, fast

and i realized that there r many fanatics
because of the internet

there is no need to go out
search history books or encyclopedias
because we have that shit at our finger-tips

i am going to research something,
not sure what yet
and become a crazed lunatic fanatic
and have that become my #1 ultimate hobby
for one week

the possibilities r unlimited

oh and in record news
i got the last record in the John Hartford series
includes 20 different albums up to 1991
7 copies of Aereo-Plain

-this album changed bluegrass music forever in 1971

3 of Mark Twang
and so on and so on
so i am happy on this great Americanized-Missoula holiday
well, gives me an excuse to blackout and make babies

i figured out what i am being a fanatic on

PRO-CHOICE bitchessssss

Monday, March 14, 2011


While on this sugar non-binge
for a few days, ha

i think i found another "program"

i am not going to chew my food as much.

this will then force my body to work harder to digest.


take that dieters and Jared from Subway

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventure Driving

usually i do a lot of adventure climbing
but yesterday
i never have school
so i went adventure driving
and adventure hiking
and a little climbing

my vehicle took my places unimaginable

actually down the bitterroot

1st stop
climbed a bit on real live rock, wow fun times yea

2nd stop
destination: trail 123
looking for the wall dean and i want to trundle blocks from
this one looks real good

during this fun hike by my lonesome
i was following a trail (yeah drrr)
and the only fresh tracks was of a cat
prehaps a kitty cat, thats what i was hoping for
a little bit after this wall i saw
the kittysnapper tracks stopped
went left 5 feet and back the way they came

yep, thats when my lonesome self got real paranoid
oh and it doesnt help hikin under-a-influence
(whatever you want to think)
so i took out my 2" blade
started to get my daily cardio in
and ran back, in snow, oo, with yak traks
at one point i almost fell over because my ears were fully tuned in
and i thought i heard something
and boom, straight scared

a black bird was following me too
and caw-n a lot
i was pretty positive that he was telling the cat where i was

as time went on and the trail was almost to and end
i settled down my brain functions and came back to "normal"

on the way out, car way,
just took some random roads
drove some more random roads
then found the ultimate crag/destroyer vehicle
i really wanted to trade
but luckly the writing on the 'for sale'
was far too gone

made it home
gym time (cant wait for the new one)
and went to bed early like a responsible adult should do

Friday, March 11, 2011

So Close

You ever seen to Jetta's ALMOST doing it
here is proof

and one of them is pretty "dirty"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weighing My Options

now u may read this
and if ur from montana or wyoming
or some "think-ur-racist-state
you may say

"that is very gay"

well, no it is not,
i am a climber
thats all i really like to do
and think about (a little art cuz i have to too)
and talk about (with climber friends)
and dream about sometimes

what did they say gay about
ha, well i was bored after some bicycling and sauna-in
and thought about all this extra baggage i have on me
not fat or hair, but weight
like-in clothes, books, shoe(s)
huge cell phone
water, coffee, jar of peanut butter

this stuff weighs up too
being to cool bro-skee in the gym
i weighed myself with the weigher
but with what i go to school with

and i came out a big ole whoppin
no wonder sometimes when i put on my shorts n tee
and do some power squats i feel very feather-ee

now there could be some guesses
about what the total baggage weight is
but that is all just guessing
it is like when someone says

"oh dude
you have no idea what happened to me,
life changing"

and then they say

"oh nevermind"

i hate/dislike/discriminate against people that do that

so i will give that example by saying

"if you take 4x4
and minus 10 of what 4x4 equals
add 16 to that
times that by 2
take that and divide that by 4
add 5
to that times by 3
minus 16
and you could very well much get the answer"

truthfully speaking
Q = "who cares right?"


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


just one of those nights

not reminiscing past loves
or boulders
but the dreadful days of highschool

doing the daily getting rid of things
(one thing a day)
(could be a book, video, anything)
(just one thing a day)
and i came across the day my depression ended
or the day that i realized things are cooler than they dont seem

this is a proof of the day

brandon, beau, casey, and me

6 months later i cut my hair

Sunday, March 6, 2011

That Time of The Month

it is not what you think.
and yes, i am a man
human man that is

it is actually that time of the month for




gonna be a fun one

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

old roll

just recently found an old roll of film
and on it said "the city"
what the heckers?
i reckon it was what i thought it was
so took to me good friend Sam at the Dark Room
and had her develop that shit stat
and sure enough
it was my first 'real' climbing trip
of many spring breaks ago with Greenstein

awesome to look back
oh and it is when my facial pubes were getting out of hand
the photos were takin on my sis's film camera, yeah sounds ancient
but the contrast is great now huh. let me tell you
b&w on color negs c-41

just boulderin some narnar-narnar bra

im guessing "the morning glory spire"

green trying to commit suicide,
but i wouldnt let him
i am a good friend

great night? shot or something
as photo-lingo goes

well hey there buddy
what do ya need?

planned for the break yesterday around 3:47 or something like that
joe's it is.
super pumped
and i sometimes write pumped like "pumped up"
cuz spelling pysche, or sicke or how ever you spell it is a pain cuz
every time i dont know how to spell it
and every time i try to look it up
but cant really find the right one
its like when you teachers 'way back'
would say
"go look it up in the dictionary" (with granny voice)
i never got that because you dont know how to spell it
thank the jesus that it is 2011

whoa, i have been going to some kind of education institution
since like, like 1988 or 1989
shit, now my brain hurts