Monday, May 31, 2010

i am out of shape

im an out of shape skinny boy
which includes out of shape
and being skinny boy
round boulders n logs

in lolo
made it up to the sneaker slabs this time
cuz i never walked up to them before
but bout 70 meters long
and a lot of slab

and this 50 foot or so crack to a slab

and bunch of spread out boulders
as usual in lolo.

and heres a little game

wheres spauldo?
(sort of like wheres waldo)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


i recently bought 3 of these
2 small
and one huge one
those fuckers are going to die
id say i wanting to catch them alive
hopefully two
then kill one mouse
and let the lesson be learned for the other
that one would go throughout the mouse community
and spread word not to fuck around anymore.
we will c
but then again
i bought "killer mouse traps"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

runnin round. stilll

now im in missoula
and its rainin
but it is good to be here too
fuckin black hole this place is
its rainin, did i say that
i smiled and laughed for a news lady
gonna be on the 5 o clock news
for smiling and laughter
cuz it helps the mental shit in your brain

finger still hurts
takin it easy while im here
if no work in boulder
going to go to summer school
yea, gay
gay as fuck
but whatever

as for now
i leave whoever with this

yeah dont fuckin do it

Monday, May 24, 2010

6 to go

back in boulder
joe's was great as usual
want to get strong as always
going to missoula soon for a wedding
jonny b's gettin hitched
and will never get a blow job again
sorry for the guy

sittin in my grams house once again
went to what i thought was the biggest liquor store ever
Liquor Mart

they have everything

so i chose
old chub scotch ale
good stuff
and i instead of 6 to go
have 5 1/2

Saturday, May 22, 2010

runnin 'round

still in joe's for two more days
and loving it

but wait

lets forget about the future
eff that shit
and look at the past
as we always do and always will

hold on to your buckets
me in the beginning
of my great climbing adventures

me (with a great beard at King, Butte)

muscular me
(debating about the best climb in kooter)
(11th commandment.. oh yea)

oh yeah my start in bouldering
in kooter, haaa

and now stuff i do
when i dont climb

live in my cabin, with my banjo
thinkin if i am inbred or not???

pose like a bad ass
with huge fuckin gun!!!

lick rock nipples, mmmmmhmm

the past
and now to theeee futureeeeee
i go

Thursday, May 20, 2010

sometimes i climb like
im having an abortion
and its still legal here in joe's valley
weather is getting very hottttt

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

runnin round

been climbing
went to 420's on saturday
with sam, ken, and red
awesome place
scored some points!!

aunt came to boulder
so we decided to head out to rifle
got there at 6 or so
and went to pygmy something something
decided we didnt like rope climbing
(although rifle is beautiful)
so we headed and now are in orangeville, ut
30 mins in rifle
not bad
seemed beta intensive, greazzzy, and needing a rope
going to be climbing in joe's valley for two weeks
pretty sick
it will total almost a whole month in joe's this year
hoping to try some harder stuff
but it is raining our first day here
a must need rest day

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Events of Today

my events categorized
put into a day...

handed in two resumes.
drove to flagstaff mountain to check out
Just Right (v7) as it drips wet
Undercling Trav. (v9) as is pulsates water
and enjoyed a drive down the road


drove to flat iron mall (my fathers thought)
walked around and thought
(fuckin malls, me creepin)


5:00pm drove to manor care
to get my grams to take her to dinner
we (me and my dad)
have u ever seen choke
that is what manor care is sort of like
old fucks in wheel chairs being old
me (a handsome looking devil)
probably made these grandmothers wet dreams come true
by saying
(me smiling)

so talked to my grandmother
who is getting old.. fast
and it is sad but
we all get old and shit

took her to dinner at a mexicant place
with my grams stock lady
lynn, or linda, or shandy, or maybe sha-nee-qua
who knows
ate food and drank tequila (gold that is)
get drunk with my dad, stock lady and my grams
who always has a
manhattan sweet with two cherries

my father decides he is better off driving
thank god for old(er) drunk(er) people
so im the less drunker (as i think) backseat driver
some swerves here and there
but make we make it back to the manor care
and i hug my grams (g-barb)
get in my vehicle
and crave non the less (wintergreen)
and drive back in basically
a fucking snowstorm

excited to climb in snow
oh, and got invited
with my 87 year old grams
to go to the stock ladies sons grad party on saturday
better be ready samsquinch 'n' stash-man
party'n to be had

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


it's rain!!!
and im lovin it
cuz im out of missoula

it could shit shit and i wouldnt care
i took off two days of climbing (with no abs, etc.)
havent done that for a long time

today climbed at the bo rock club
funny how missoula has yet to have a gym
oh, the university, im sorry
its nice going to the oldest gym in boulder
and it being a shit-ton coolness yea

creeper #1 and creeper #2
get in late night wednesday.
oh and for dream girls
there fuckin everywhere






Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last Weeks to These Weeks

This is what happens
when you fiercely try to wash a knife

i did this a month ago too
on the same finger


since i live in "granola-ee" missoula
i like to recycle

didnt see it drippin
but i do like extra spice to my stir-fry
two more days of school
semester is ended
so fuckin ready to get out
of Lovely Missoula

what i will miss

drinking (almost every night)
i think that is it
what i wont miss
drinking (almost every night)
i think that is it

theatrical pieces (drama)

here we come coloradooooooo

thank the fuckin lord for my grams

hopefully ill like it too much and not come back for a while