Monday, April 25, 2011

no wayyy

somebody got facebook
thinks its my third time

Sunday, April 24, 2011


again went climbing and didnt take pictures
oh well
here is a visual writing
first close your eyes

got a lot of moves of more progress
on the girl friends best friend right prob
shit, it is hard
both the left variant and right too
got sunburnt
and now doing what i usually do
sit inside on beautiful days
and homework the shit out of school

it is nicer than it was yesterday
wow spring is here

dont get your panties in a bundle
cuz that shit will be gone tomarrow

good news
jesse got all on 1 of 5 grants
that means 1 of 5
and all $8000 worth
this is what jesse said
(which is 71% true, cuz you never know)

amy copp or somebody related to
jonny copp
for the micah dash/ jonny copp foundation
said jesse's grant blew all other
out of the water
pros n all
so she gave 8000 do

so that is plane tickets and a little more
to Pakistan
scary, but ill grow out my beard
and be fine
does everybody in Pakistan have beards?
The US show over there doesnt i bet
getting all political over here now

anyway, that is badass
4 more grants and the due dates to get back to him
are the 30th

and the coffee lady just reminded me its Easter
isnt that like Jesus' resurrection or something
bunch of jargon nanners if ive ever heard

this is a genuine product of friday night

yea, double your pleasure, double your fun

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Future

Watching TRON: Legacy last night
made me think of the future
oh, n if u havent seen it
holy shit yea, awesome
i shouldve got all effed up and saw it in 3d
it would have been life changing

but the future
some people think about professional jobs after school
and probably babies and how many pets they want
what color of trim they want on the outside of their house
should we start saving for the future

Future: time that is to be or come hereafter

well i am sure not think bout the past

Past: gone by or elapsed in time

well i do think a lot
cuz i guess old thoughts help create new ones
or influence new ones

so my future plans
cuz i never make goals, just plans
are something like this

walk at graduation,
but have to take foreign language in the summer
soon to be not foreign to me

play weddings and shows
and hopefully be Paws-Up house band
yeah, Paws-Up
for you haters of this place
i do not care
cuz people that go there
have shats load of money and connections
so Paws-Up will be in my liking from Apr 30-Sept 10
so, school and music
and some Ten Sleep runs after July 7th, (end of school [forever])
play Grand Targee Bluegrass Festival (huggggeeee)
River City Roots (please no fuckin Gourds)
around Sept 10th
is when my future-journey begins

-thoughts ive thought of-

#1 - use rest of funds and money makings
and travel the west for a long time
climbing and enjoying life while young(er)

#2 - jesse's grants go through
go to pakistan
and hopefully make it back
then use the funds left and do #1

#3 - do #1 and then go to South America
for a month or two with those kids
and then return

#4 - do #1 and go to Hawaii
with the family Dec. 14th
and then keep doing #1

#5 - just quit being a pussy
and buy a one way ticket to Spain
ole Mother has been lookin at Visa's?
email's from Talo have been looking up
-work at vertical world
-or with his girlfriend at an adventure park for classies
-get faceballs for the spanish ladies
-motorhome and crashpads are in already, just waiting
-beer can be a dollar in some places, oh yea
so what am i doing, right?


Sunday, April 17, 2011


That is what this species is backwards

pretty dog too

the ole(d) folks came up this weekend
and it was good times
food, beer, and thats that
took care of 'izzy'
and i never wanted a dog before
and i still dont
shit no
no; sleeping in
no; have to walk instead of whetever else

but shes a cutey

school this week
and pray to joseph smith for sun
thats my 'god'
who is urs

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Make It, Good?

foxisblack is a great site
sort of like of stumble
but just one site 'bout art

i came across how 'art = art'

Austin Kleon

Monday, April 11, 2011

Where do you wanna go little scotty boy?

just trying to re-create bad ass football players
winning the superbowl

"I'm going to Disneyland!"

sounds bad ass dude

my niece and company (family)
are headed to the greatness of So. Cal,
the magnificent of mouses,


after graduation too
so yea, u could say my present is going to Disneyland,
oh boy, oh boy, oh boy
a 26 year old pedifile

Sunday, April 10, 2011


takin a week off, and a good time to do this
sort-a ouch

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Black(ness)

Back in Missoula, n sorta sore
snowing yesterday
so dill n i packed up and got the ajdgkl;jlk out of there
fun times, fun times, fun times
cuz i love that place
now i have to go back with like
31 projects
and i cant wait til the gym opens
like very much cant wait
excited more the least

here is some random parting shots

dylan getting all 'hamstringee' on
'they call him jordan'

a huge 20 foot hill to get to here
wow, i love smoking sometimes
back to the cardio

so close on res evil
itty tid bit moves
taht pumps me out
"cant wait for the gym"

gonna get 'DIRTY'
or white-ee

another view of those pearly whites
brush your teeth kids

ryan in good spirits


taking a week off
first vagina finger (flapper) ever
on my pinkie
so that means time to cover up a tattoo with another tattoo
here comes pain

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


been here for 4 days or something like that
and dylan n i been going at it
not like that, but rock climbing

our first day here was 'the end of the world'
meaning we tried a shat load of hard problems in one d

eden v10 (dylan is veryyy close)
lumberjack v9 (woohooo)
they call him jordan v7 (booo)
team effort sit v9? (i feel fat)
hooters v9 (were both close)
fiery furnace v10
the obelisk v9

and maybe i forgot some but who knows
ticked one proj that day 'lumberjack'
medium #4 to small #7 on the campus board
that is what i tried to train for and it paid off

that night consisted of lots of alcohol
with brandon, molly, jack, bree, brittany,
ryan, allison, steph, cory, talus, diego, n dylan

so the next day was a little sore and tired

tried playmate of the year v9
and couldnt get off the ground this time, errrr
'battletoads' is crazy hard
then to new joes
to meet up with the crew

tried 'two finger variation'
and i thought my two tendons were going to rip out
molly hopped on 'stand-up' v8
and sent with the quickness
this problem has been a nemesis for me forever
after some refined foot beta (seems like you hear that a lot)
i sent woowhooo
so after that molly said we did half the problem
since stand-up
is half of 'resident evil' v10
so some more workin
and i got really close but pumped and 2 moves away

i blame my low power endurance
but that is to be blame for our shitty gym
3 or 4 move problems are a lot of difference
when power enduro problems outside
hopefully i am going to pee all over that problem tomarrow

i am dirty and smelly and i fuckin love it

here are some pics

dylan closing in on 'eden'

dylan being dylan while molly is trying 'resident evil'

'eden' is way hard, but i look serious

me trying 'resident evil'

and then this man showed up last night
can anyone say 'strike-outs'

Saturday, April 2, 2011


sitting in front of the closed liberry in orangeville
good stuff
climbed a shit load yesterday
so monday
pics and more talking
o,f sent one of my projects
lumberjack low v9 woopee