Monday, January 31, 2011


So, it is slick out there, right?
well, pretty funny thing happened to me
well, not me, but happened to some chick
she must of been an outdoorsy chick
environmental studies?
geog studies?
or a dance major?

cuz she was eating a banana
and i was staring at her
well, cuz she was hottttt
and then the funny thing happened
she slipped
but if you think about it
she had an (almost) banana peel in her hand
and slipped

Isn't that magnificent?
what is that
an almost simile?

think about it

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let's All Join Hands

Some of you winter people need to stop praying

because it looks like this outside

watch out because i started to pray myself

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tea for One

I specifically came to a coffee shop to listen to people talk
and on this fine saturday night at 858

i happened to listen to a few individuals interesting conversations

one was "the octopus" (chess dude)
rant on to two homeless looking folks
about obama, palin, and economic downturns
pretty funny stuff
but serious , k

a brobra talking to some 2 no-brainers
pretty funny stuff, also
but serious, k

oh and she plays guitar
with finger picks
like "banjo players do"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the home stretch

thank god for the chicago bears losing
now i dont have to hear all the fair-weathered fans of Chicago
that r fair-weathered sport fans
only when Chicago is somewhere in the realm of losing
say how awesome their team is
Thank the fuckin lord

passed both my winter session classes
now the home stretch of 18 credits

Ethics (of Native Americans) oh joy
Music Theory 2
Adv Research Ceramics
Ancient American Art
Drawin 2
Society in Geog (elite groups of geo-bros)

gonna do it

and playin with BVR (broken valley roadshow)
and now full time with
Lil Smokies

i have no life now
i cant even really get stoned and stare at my ceiling
What is the fun in that anyway?

cant wait to be done
cuz i will be with no house
and just a few tee-shirts
and a shat load of socks (cuz i dont like smelly feet)
maybe i will find one of those
which love will eventually fall into place

lets not hope for the best now

gonna try to make it out to whiskey on sat
only if i dont stay out all night
Lil Smokies at the Top Hat this friday
come and have some fun with me
and the DOW topped 12000
prolly means another tourist attack

Sunday, January 23, 2011

some calling

while i sit here, i had a calling
or just somebody calling out to me

"Skinny, Tall, White"

i almost get surprised and look around
start to inch my ass off the seat
but realize im just in a coffee shop
cuz then i hear

"Short, Double, Black"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

cuttin the time

usually u would think that "cuttin the time"
means that i am hatin life and not enjoyin one moment of my time
then you got to realize that u havent met me
you would find laughter

and joy


and all good things w/ a smile included
well, and some sick conversations of coarse
cuz i dont really talk bout anything else interesting
today i have "cut my time"
off of many things that is

5:27 minute mile
kyle says i should make a goal to run a 4:00 mile
no grassyass
to much dedication
but i guess spending 5 hours a day in the gym
is more like obsession
and dumb
not dumb but smart
"i have nothing better to do with my time"
i tell me father
well, ok
and i cut some body fat
if i say cut some weight my mother freaks
so i say to her
"cut some body fat"
damn fat boy if i dont reckon
maybe i could obsess
repeat spring 2008
get to 154lbs
then i think i could weigh in at feather weight
and kick
and punch
and submission some bitches

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Need Money, Please Help

Well, like all humans, we need money
and its bullshit if people say the differ
cuz if you dont have any, your still happy (bullshit)
only homeless people high on life can say this
i on the other hand
am thinking of having my mother help me of writing a grant
to some rich and famous person
be it an actress, actor, musician, whoever
and ask them for some help
it would sort of by like a sponsorship
pretty cool sponsorship too

this is what i would say
"yeah, i am sponsored by a pornstar"

i believe they are more vulnerable because of their past
i mean come on, who becomes a pornstar
yet in my sponsorship
i would have to promote them so that would be weird
let alone my climbing bag
-3 pairs of shoes
-2 chalk bags
-peanut butter
-and a stack of various porn dvd's

maybe i could save room by putting them on a flash drive?

i guess it is like playing the lottery
you have to play it to win it
so i will have to start writing a masterpiece of a grant
to convince some lonely, poor porn soul
to give me their sex money
so i can take showers every 2 weeks and eat poorly
sounds like a happy homeless person to me

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mixture of a Concoction

Saturday morn
that was where i was not alive

there is an old shakespeare-ian quote
with a little 2011 mixture

"2 B C or not 2 B"

i have things like the university sauna
to suck all the sins out

ya ever sin
i will help you by showing you
for i sin bout everyday

Thursday, January 13, 2011

somethin to ponder

What if you never saw your own reflection?

I will try for the next week to avoid mirrors,
and even mysterious hand-held mirrors that i appear to find
what would your life be if you didnt know what you looked like

your face that is

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I did it!!!
I did it!!!

no no, not finally overcome puberty
no no, not finally find my peter

finally talk to that girl
yeah, not my mother
that other sexy girl

and i sound like i am in the 4th grade

oooga gaaaga

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

here is something to think about



I havent ran, run, runn-ed, or whatever that sport is called
except my internal clock is all about getting me up at 6:00am
so this 6:00am, i got out of bed, brush my pearls,
and headed to the gym for my rest day
(rest days include, not climbing)
so everything else
could include biceps, but not today
weird squat things i do, but not today
back shit, but not today
running, never, but today i did
i swear it had been sometime
so i just looked back to 7th grade physical ed class
and when they test u on various strengths
or just to make the fat kids feel really fuckin bad
i think ran the ole mile in 6:11 or somewhere around that obscure number
but today, not running for ever
i made it in 6:32
heck yea
maybe i might train for like marathons and shit
ha, i thought bout smokin like 3 weeks ago

Sunday, January 9, 2011

thinking about the past

yeah, we all do it
i was just thinkin bout the time i "locked myself in the shed"
(no peoples names or places were change)
(due to, 'why not, right?')

this ole tale ya say
well, when i was in 7th or 8th grade
i was a sneaky little feller that snuck out
to head to a particular girls house
Tristen her name was

oh Tristen, where ever you are today
knowing that ur from gillette, wyo
you probably still live there and have ten kids

anyways, she was a more developing 'girl' than most in 7th grade
more than plump than perky
if ya know what i mean

so i snuck out
and headed over the field, crossed the street
headed down Lakeview Dr.
hopped the fence of Paintbrush Elementary (kindergarden-2nd)
then made it to her some-what-tree-house
and did what 7th or 8th graders do
nono, not smoke dope
make-out and have wunderous ideas about different amazing thoughts
time rolls around, 5am or so
and have to head home where i sleep
so back over the fence
up Lakeview Dr.
and over the hill
but going over the hill
i see that my father is outside
ohhh shit
so i device a plan
right there and then

so i went back down the hill,
around the field
cut across the Giltner's backyard
and went through another field
then there i was
at the back fence of my house
shit shit
so i stripped down to my skimpies (undies)-(underwear)
and hid my clothes
and peeked over the fence
shit shit
all clear i thought
and hopped the fence
opened the shed and went inside
closed the door
oh, it was also cold-as-shit outside
sat there for a bit, while my skin got colder
and grabbed a potato sack
opened the shed
and went to the back door
and made myself think
u didnt sneak out, u didnt sneak out
knocked on it, and my father opened it
whose was pretty mad/sad/every shitty emotion when your kid is disappeared
(not the last time this would happen)
i told him
"i got locked in the shed"
"i was looking for a computer cord"
(our old computer cords and shit was in the shed)
he didnt believe me, or sort of didnt
we both went to the shed
after i put on some clothes
and he checked out how the hell i got "locked in the shed"
i think god was there for me that day
cuz if you slam the doors shut,
the hinge locks it by a swinging motion
but you can open it by just pulling one door
and pushing the other

so i got locked in a shed
and more better--> still havent talked about that incident to my folks since it happened
dear o dear me
maybe one day

so a lesson to anyone that wants a lesson
-No need to bring up the past-
-Just think about it-

wait what

Friday, January 7, 2011


some good-lookin old couple just won 380 million dollars
shit yea
i need to start playin
try to get hit by lightning
got eatin by a shark
i think that is my chances
Powerball Baby
if i won
i was thinkin of what i would do
as do most of us if "it" would happen

-1 thing-
maybe go around and sue people
got nothing better to do with 380 Million
well that and buy a castle
but think about it

Does subway always give you a 12" sub?

this could be a very good argument
you may not be getting your moneys worth
bring in a ruler,
which they are usually a few centimeters bulgy on both sides

Sue the shit out of them.


Try to get a job at McDonalds
and then claim dis-ability
for me this would easy
cuz im a tard

and then sue them
for something

lets get sue-happy people come on

Thursday, January 6, 2011


usually this is my birthday
but lately it has been school, and practice
7am to 11pm or sometimes 12am. or like 2am

and the liberry,
and a funny german professor that sometimes sounds like mrs. doubtfire
too busy,
and ready to explode with booze and all sorts of other things
that is cuz playin with the lil smokies at the top hat for first friday
come down and booze and other things with me

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finished 'Er Off

like when shes just a willin little pup
take 'er 'ome

well, 2011
my conspiracy year is here
(say slow) the year 2000 and 11

spend new years in blackfoot idaho
as i stepped into the gas station for a restroom break
i heard fireworks
"happy new year"
kyle looked like a dazed kitten on crack

drove from bishop ---> missoula

12:45pm pacific time ---> 5:30am mountain time

lonnnng drive
but as i got tired-er
i just put on phish, and rocked out
ya know braaa
totally tubular braaaa
nar nar nar

the roads fuckin blow from idaho border allll the way
to missoula

havent taken a shower since i left missoula
and got back this morn to find my shower had a nasty little puddle
fuck, a sink shower to wipe down my parts
but i still have a homeless persons looking hair

the last day in bishop, climbed pow pow
hiiiiiya, (karate chop)
and finally did the greasy, abused, and raped "the hulk"

wasnt there for kyles almost death on atari
guess he took the fall that everyone doesnt want to take
he seemed pretty bummed bout not sending but whatever
we were out of missoula
and now
i am back in missoula
yeppee yay
going to go take another sink shower
this time more washing
anyone wanna help?