Sunday, July 31, 2011

BaBaBa Ba-oudlerssss

ahh yes boulderssss

the first main area

The sit to a V2 highball
what holds, nooooooo nooo

Dyno Proj
"i wish i was a little bit talla"
soooooo goood
'Playpen' Area


awesome V6 or 7 to the left of the Dyno Proj

Jesse loving the offwidth'n
and he punted damnnnn

Jesse on a sweet toe hook prob
if ur smaller than 6'2 or so
it is good

Our friend Gerald

Filmin "Wild Panch" v7

I fed Alfred and his family
his lady was gonna leave him
but i saved the day

Brandon trying a sweet V6?
helps if ur tall

V1 inbetween the main area and "Playpen area"
amazing slits
ya know

Jesse crushin A-rrest

awesome rock
pretty cool scenery
and nice moves
almost got
one hard move
and then sustained hard but easier moves

top out is sickkkkkk

"""Rail City"""

'Gettin Railed' V5
crazy press out mantle
a proj goes farther out right and tops out the middle of the boulder

the press out

right below the 'Gettin Railed'

super proj

Crushin a cool crimp mantle problem

Another Arete in the Rail City

main left
last of the day
but just had to do this one
sooooo goood
very unique holds and then followin the arete

our bread got squished
so, i thought of an idea
'Sparker Balls'
Chesse mooooshed inbetween bread
my face is really that red too

Brandon helped us load up
and got a classic
'Amateur Night at the Fox Club'
ha, yep

Wooden Ball V6
the sit is amazing
did mention steep and crimps

Wild Panch V7
best problem there

Pump up the Jams
Pump it up
Get Your Body PUMPIN

A vast a lot of amount of rock
was crushed like
Orange Julius' in the mall
and now more can be developed
and next
i got back
and work on the harder stuff
long time
great time
fun time

let me know
i gots a beta man

Baker Boulders


The Baker Boulders

Good Lord

the week or so-less of one
could be a contender for the best summer spots
in the Bitterroots
or Missoula
or whatever else

Lugging Loads
1. Brandon, Jesse and I loaded a load
and then walked back down
and loaded another load

Load #1
a heavy ass jib, crane, dolly

this is what i am talkin bout,

and then there was base camp
w/ a view

and then there were boulderrrrrssssss......

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Jesse and I r headed out tomarrow
to the Lakes of Baker
or around that area
to make a short film with
good ideas
so people will be happy
if ya know what i mean

gonna haul two loads up there and stay for hopefully a week

make shat loads of landings

sort of interesting news

and id have to say
Pythons, shat yea
like a glove
and also
"a hat"

it has been round 10-11 years
since i last wore a hat
like one with a bill

looks like im poppin' hat cherries
cuz its been too long

Thursday, July 21, 2011


ya know
like the early stages of development
as a kid
ya grow old and then

and all that excess crap
is scraped off
like skin (lichen)
teeth (choss)

and then u get used abused
and grow old
like greasy boulder problems

but like i said
it is the development
of a new area
and after all that jabber jib
there is no grease
and no grease
oh i said that

there are problems
and good fuckin problems

yesterday i built an ass load of landings
because there are many death holes
and there still is

sent a sweet v1
and a stand start v6?
and a v3?

One Up (v1)

Ka-nobs (v3)

Wooden Ball (v6) stand
sit is hard and goes

going back next monday and stayin for a while
overnight the next night and so on

for now, comes a busy busy weekend
music music and music

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


-not really a job right?
-get paid to do what ya like right?
-sometimes (mostly) drink on the job right?

these are some questions i think about a lot

i was supposed to climb some on trip
but shucks
my job is keeping me from trips (for now)

it is almost like i am a employee at paws up
but not really

hand is all good for the go ahead in pullin down
it is amazing what a week or two does to ur ouc
and pullies
and minor aches and burns

feeling great but not cuz of the heat
just cuz im going to play for some crazy people
tonight and thursday
and tom. go scrub some rock that
is already pretty damn clean

what Featured boulder, nooooo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ank a paws up

experienced a very interesting gig last night
the "confidentiality" gig at paws up
well, it was for the cast of
'Cowboys & Aliens'
and Paramount Picture people
yea look up the cast
that is who was there
pretty sure Oliva 2-stepped to one of our songs
ohhh yea

all in all
a very odd bluegrass gig
but hey
that is what montana is about

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


went hikin cuz my hand
and yes i went hiking
usually i dont do that shit
but it was for climbing
or looking for climbing

kyle said there is boulders there
but no pics
brandon said there is boulder there
but no pics
jesse just went there
but no pics
since all these talk and no pics
and since i have a full time job
i went to GO TAKE PICS

and holy balls of fire
it is very condensed
and very many lots of boulders
and problems
going there next week from
monday - thursday
looks like mt. evans style
shit loads of blocs
as they say
so it could be montanas mt. evans

Friday, July 8, 2011

Days go by

3 days = 27 years old
39/40 days = leave the US
?? = days til i heal and climb

Thursday, July 7, 2011


the street pavers
forgot to pave that one tricky little
pot hole

hit the same one the night before
but my hands were on the upper-part
of the road bike handle bars

the next night
one beer deep to let you'all know
my hands were road bikin it (lower-bars)
and bamm, boom, powww
right hand and arm and knee, and elbow
got a wee-little bit scratched up.
yes i know, who every is reading this
is so very much sad
well, here is something to cheer you up

kooters n me, yepeeee

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011


yea yea yea
you know what everyone says on this day
well guess what

the earth rotates
creating days
86,400 seconds a day

then we do leap years
and other weird calendar things
a confusion if ya think about it
is it actually the 4th today
could be june 17th for that i know

we have skipped around the clock
daylight savings
moving the daylight savings to other days
maybe cuz people r still barely skiing
it is not july
prolly is
well, if it truly is july 4th today
then next monday
i turn 27 years old
well, ill just follow the calendar
and celebrate my birthday next monday

happy New Years?