Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Away Home

i read
and u may read
that my sentences may..
not read..

i think they make total sense
not like equaling everything word to a total
but just sense
like logical

or u may read
then process that line (sentence)
into a smell

like when u read
do u smell grape drink
no pepper

so when reading
Home Away - - - - Home


u dont smell
but u do see
this ole sign when ya turn the turn

Soon i will have a home
some may be wondering
where has the climbing gone o, sparkered

i think
still in-some-what-shape
i guess
sorta-kinda-not really-but-yea

heres what im not sure u call
a Riddle?

me climbing is like
my friend (someone u may know)
having a "job"

so maybe i do climb
maybe i dont
maybe i have a job
maybe i dont

but one thing
is there is someone cute
and it is not her

all is all a mist-eery

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Seller

Hi There

My name is James Jelle

I want to tell you a little bout myself

.well, first off
you should know i love rugs

lots of them too


they are comfortable
they keep u warm when times r cold
you can look great lying around them

if you dont have a home, or bed
they make a great snuggle cuddler pal

if your bored you can talk to the rugs
and say anything you want
because they dont have much of any feelings

they dont always stay clean
but can be easily clean...ed up

they are a crowd pleaser for
lying a flat blanket out
and lying down ur sweet one
and making sweet sweet love
for a very long time
while staying warm

well actually that is all about me

my whole life is dependent,
and all about

boy do i love them
u shall too

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Closer

I feel like im getting closer on a few things
in my old troubled life

#1. Gallery
-images are sent, eastern montana here i come
now i have to figure pricing
and well, need #2 to even create more art

#2 House
electric problems but meeting today for bid
and hopefully by friday signed and delivered
but then 30 days after that
cuz of tenants

#3. Custody of My Child
the court system and wife are very difficult
oh, wait, just kidding

#4. Other things that dont need to be disclosed
you know what i mean
and no,
get ur mind out of the gutter
well or do keep it in

#5. to saving things
-like a gimp bird outside the Break's window
poor little feller aint gonna last long in the wild
we do have enough jippi-dee-doo-dahs
in this town to save a widdle birds wife

here is were Sparker might reside

oh, and climbing, ummmmmmmmmmmm
what is that

Saturday, September 17, 2011

when the sun is down

I am going on a mission
and it is at night
this mission i speak of is top secret
to a few, i suppose
but alone i go
on this mission
at night

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Align Right
I thought i was getting sick
well i am very sick
in the head
but pretty normal to me
it happens to be that there are some
allergies in september
what the fuck?

my nose(es)
cuz it feels like i have two
are stuffed on the right
and drippy on the left

then the opposite
that again and again

i wonder if this is what it feels like
after a long binge snorting drugs
yea you think yea
i think yea also
cuz i feel cracked out most days
yours truly
has never put anything up these nostrils
except my man fingers
a 6th grade track meet
i did think it was cool to snort some Pixie Sticks

that is what i remember

who the fuck would name them Pixy Sticks
Wonka de Willie
silly little guy

wikipedia is amazing

comforting yet distant
because it is THE INTERNET

the internet makes me feel stuff-ee too
facebook makes me feel stuff... too

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hemee-now-hema hemma now

hey bidder bidder
hey now

(how auctioneers talk)

and then more
of that talk

and then

boom bamm, scotty pea

Sunday, September 11, 2011

So close

one trait that i own
qualify for
dominate is

"changing my mind"

and this changing my mind
gets me into situations

whether it be
saving a youngn from a freighttrain
or not

making a few bucks
or not

not doing the right thing
or doing the right thing

lately i made the changed my mind to become more of an adult
wonderin who, what, when, where, why, how?

i bought some fuckin POWER TOOLS
hell yea


-Some Quick Thoughts-

sounds wierd
types wierd
should i ask her
try harder
should i move forward
cooley st
vampire shit is old
entourage is soon
i could use a bed
i could use some fierce cuddlin
maybe a dinner date
couchs with dog hair
my moms car is bad ass
my dad is cool
i look like him
there are others out there
ready for some fall
maybe i should climb
sam is cool
nikki is cool too
i wanna have fans
maybe a stalker
o, i think i still have one
maybe a fan club
ready for some super late secrets
building things
cutting things
records, vinyl, vintage
art, art, art
orange color
little red riding hood
young me
haircut #3?
job time
climb time
having a weigher in house
i am fuckin skinny
but strong like MAN

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kickin the Kids Out

lets give a great scenario here

I look at some houses 'round town
for my return after my journey

one sparks my sparkers
and i go to a real estate place (today)
and check it out
perfect i say
sweet little nancy is the agents name

looks a lot like one of the golden girls
but not the funny one
(i watched it with my mother)

and go through the whole
questionare that my father gave me

-no mold
-the detached garage (my studio)
is hardwood and heated
-property tax (really good)

but the kicker
the tenants that not only live there
but run a preschool

shit like this goes down there

look how psyched those kids are
they are learning
prolly eating many carrots and jugs of apple juice

so by me taking over this house
and kickin the "tenants" out
cuz they obviously want to stay
would i be considered anti-education
or "hater-of-kids"
by no means am i

i love kids
have you seen me with my niece
i love kids
i should be greatest uncle for 4 years in a row
but all in all
i will kick the tenants out
and shut down that preschool
cuz that is what i do
cause trouble and wrong doings

i might go be a 'reader guest'
or guest speaker at the school
one day before i shut it down
and get all the kids info
just to see if i was the cause for their later drug problems
teenage pregnancy
meth use
college education

perhaps i could run a preschool

Monday, September 5, 2011


big changes



but better

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Room with a View

my recent uprising in homelessness
or in other terms, jesse spaulding fever

has some perks to it

i dont have any sheets to wash

not worried bout someone breakin in my house
cuz it has its own force field of alarm galore

the kitchen, bedroom, basement, storage
are all in one confined space

car insurance = rent

this is my lovely home

and this is my sunroof view
if it is smokey and cloudy

thanks to this lady
i have a reliable security guard
and parkin space for a little bit