Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stickin the wrong sutff in the wrong hole

Note to self, now
my father said," now u feel stupider"
"well i did that and started my truck two different times"

long story shorter,
i was with brandon n mollie in lolo, mt
exxon that is
and explaining my recent trip to disneyland
while i was highly excited in the tale
i stuck unleaded gas in my diesel
luckly i knew right away and did not start my car
thank god for brandon and mollie
she had AAA, with free tows anywhere
well, the tow truck took us
to her folks place in turah (20 some miles)
and her and dad and friend were excited to figure out a new car
it only cost a 6 pack of corona
thank you mollie and brandonnnnn

then we filled er up
and headed back out to lolo
and climbed for 4 hours
did a couple of new problems
that levi and dean cleaned last year

"First Born"






yea, for woodies
Levi and Kelsey Buildin away

a little a this
a little a that
and i am lolo'n it for a couple days
next of tomar
and the next of that one
it rains

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hanging out with my niece
made me think that little kid are bi-polar
and also
my landlord.
wont give his name but jeezerz

been moving on out of the house
and in with kelsey and levi
and pretty excited cuz
the woody is hugeeee, and that means
and strength

that almost sounded like an inspirational speech
living there for 3 months
and then gettin out of the world of miss-oola
many things i want to do
first is to get strong
and then look in trashes and bins
cuz i will pretty much be homeless for a bit of time
i already have been not washing my clothes
so that is a start.
um, got to go, hbhda;hd;hglD

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Culture Shock '011

-Los Angeles-

--some quick jotes--

*that picture does not make any sense, well maybe to LA'ns

*people r not friendly*
-somewhat friendly, but they will knock u out, yo
-just like my sis

*dirty as fuck*
-this needs a cuss word cuz it is really is
-the airpost TSA people even thought so too
-apparently when they never saw a montana id
-they wanted to somehow quit their job
-and come and make moneymoney in mt

*pictures do not make it look blue-sky-ee
-smog is very present in the sky
-and it suppose to be better/clearer after rain
-it rained the day before
*everything u order (food) is greasy
-grease in ur soda pop too
-glad i took some days of climbing down here
-grease lubed up and greased up my wounded tendons
*L.A. fashion is great and makes u laugh
-lets just use friends as an example
-i just think of every l.a. hipster couple i saw
-which is every single one
-and it made me think of samsquinch and kir-bear-sten
-maybe cuz they are actually cool people or something
-but it could be
-bright colored everything (new backpack?)
-really fancy sunglasses (la expensive though)
-fucked up hair-doos (like shaved side heads and shit
-included in their fashion is their 'talk'
-overheard some sweets talkin at starbucks
-like this, like that, like like, my dad, like like
-all in all, the women are damn hot and i think i must have had some L.A. dude fashion with these tight levi's and prana shirt, cuz i got some looks. got to love being with the family
-v-neck douscheeee tanks (sam would love to wear that shit)
-cut-off jeans (again)
-missoula hipster shoes/ flip-flops
-every single duder out there la and beyond is this

*No Pictures cuz you can just imagine

*and finally you have to watch out for
rabid kids running wild
like this one

-she will eat your eyes
-poo them out
-eat them again
-and then vomit them up
-and do back-strokes while laughing like a 4 y/o

-or just stare u to DEATH

Sunday, May 15, 2011


got sunburnt as shit yesterday
and now i have 3 days til Disneyland
no i am not counting them down
i am just excited to go outside for 3 days
lets all pray at church this morning
LOLO here we come, amen

Saturday, May 7, 2011


"Western Ways"
4' * 4'

-Detailed view-

Friday, May 6, 2011

foreign takeover

russian mafia meeting today
at liquid planet
5 different tables
should i be scared?
no cuz we live in america
or America of the North

to bad i dont know Russian
and the girls rnt that cute
little chubby chubs
but they dont speak
cuz probably the leaders will beat them later

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

since im so...

....busy with facebook
oh and school
might as well post some photos of the week

Broken Valley Roadshow
-prez inag.

shitty paws up gig,
but fun

The Lil Smokies
-watch ur back bitches

I enjoy life


another shot of the pert-ee-est dog izzy

Monday, May 2, 2011

the future

well, shit is going down
in my life, not america
who cares right?
but thinkin bout retiring this ole blog
why? what?
maybe retire facebook again
that shit is crazy
dont like the wall posts
cuz i dont even know some people
or i do, but havent seen them for yearrrrsss
what the fuck?
it is very wierd
like my sis, facebooked me
usually she calls
not cool sis, but u still dont read this
so maybe i might keep it going
maybe i might not
i do like writing non-sense scott thoughts
but who knows
also, i dont like knowing what everyone is doing
and everyone knows what i am doing
where i am doing
who i am doing

i want to leave this town and go climbing
the ole obama or is it osama thing
doesnt help for us relations with pakistan
that is even more scarier, fuckk