Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being "Almost" Homeless

I sort of have been feeling homeless lately.
I dont technically have a job
or my job is like a homeless person
play music for people to pay me
like a homeless on the corner

I eat pretty homeless.
not out of garbages but almost
my roomate wonders why i eat the same thing every night
carrots(cheap), noodles(cheap), chicken bouillon(cheap),
and my daily vitamins (twice a day)
for that more nutritious habits

I have a many lot of friends
like a homeless person
ya know, the cool ones
the rad ones
the ones u dont really want to hang out with
but u have to

I get to c places like homeless people
well, in a different climbing perspective
no hitchhiking, but almost
live in the dirt
and not take showers
well in the river

in other sparkered news
going to the city of rocks on sunday
and then maple canyon on the next thursday

here is a pic from cams 30th bday bbq


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


was going to post something bout
the overhearing of coffee shop talk
and it is religion based
but i wrote and i almost laughed at my writing
and then thought it could be very mean
i am not a mean person
well, can be a smart ass sometimes
but not appropriate

still relaxing
spending very little money
which is very good
love knowing coffee shop workers
free coffee

prolly going climbing this week
not sure what days but some of them
i hate hot weather
hello summer
and sunburns
feels muggy
and humid somedays
its prolly my sweaty-ness
and skinni-ness combining
and creating a muggy man

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, summer showed some shitty hot weather
shatty because i really enjoy sweatshirts

like all who are some what bum-ish
i went out and got sunburnt from the gods of hell
and dehydrated
and sore

jesse and i went out to go get in shape
for "overseas"

we did the "bi-fecta"

my mom's muscle tee (8 pitches?)
then rapped down and walked over to shaa-shown
and did that
and then ran out of water and other life things
and walked down
it was an amazing day to say the most

i am sore
in my back,
my toes,
my shoulder,
my skin,
my eyes,
a couple of bones in my spine,
and so on

so next week we are going to do the
and so on
after that maybe do
"poison flower"
instead of the original shaa-shown
yeaaaa summer time

soon to take some pics somewhere
and post them

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, we or maybe just i
figured that that Lolo fugitive
is long gone now,
or in some friends extra storage room
waitin for the right moment to surprise the kids

"boooo, (bam) "

crazy ole feller ill tell you that

still cloud after cloud with
spurts of blue and sun
but no solid day of nice shit
or maybe i just forgot if there was one

jesse and i are pretty much loaded
with gear mania
got my crane two days ago or three or something
thanks samsquinch for letting my send it to ur house
this thing can get 12 feet long
hell yeah
jesse has his octocopter flying 'round

gonna go to lolo this next week and make some video action
time to test and video-n

speakin of climbn videos
have u ever "noticed"
that there are literally hundreds

(sorry for you who have done that)
(no harsh feelings)

of climbing videos, where
they start or in the middle
put the camera in the car dash or out the side
and speed up the film so
you can see the zooooomee fast landscape
no joke
shit tons of climbn videos r like that
no, really, go watch a video
prolly 1 of 3 are that
yea, it is great
it could maybe just be simmered down a bit, huh?


oh and an idea
yes, this blogging could give a copyright right?
slow motion is huge in sports too now
and that is badass
but sport films dont make a whole lot
but guess what does

think of it
slow motion porn
oh yea
just all up in ur mind now
ewwwww yeaaaa
i think i could make millions with slow mo porn
how many overaged sexual offenders would buy that shit
so dont steal my idea

in other Sparker news
for the last 10 years i give myself a buzz cut
once or twice a year
was the first non buzz hair cut in 10 years
maybe even 11 years

and i look sharper than a whittled piece of wood

now i can climb without hair in my dark eyes

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some more Ten Sleep Writing

Some other things that i wrote down

1.Something fun to do
How far can u make it?

We decided to coast in neutral
all the way from the climbing parking lot
of TenSleep
into town
around 14 miles of it
Old Jette(r) made it to Carter Access Area
literally 1/2 mile from the town of Ten Sleep
SOOO Close
it was so much fun, cars passin
and yes
we tried all the way to a complete stop
on the highway

How far can u Make It?

2. Took my 2nd Ten Sleep Shower Ever
in the creek that is
My head was numb for sure

3. overall climbing
Got pumped as shit
cuz ive been bouldering for some months
and some

4. Realized i need to get a therma-rest
and not sleep on my crashpad
"gettin soft"
as they say

5. what up with snow on June 8th
felt like december
i forgot for a second how to spell "feb-u-airy"

6. And of coarse
Dreamt about Dream Girls (Double-Time)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Bozeman is fun
especially when u get to go climbing
at "the CUBE"
fun times with J-Rader n Kelsley!!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nye, MT

at the folks house in NYE, MT
if you dont know where it is
there isnt much but
a post office
a sml store (for beer n chips)
and a bar
and in 'a' middle of somewhere

jesse and i r here on a mission
to shoot my fathers 30-40 something guns
especially his sig-sauer
make some funny videos
while shooting guns
jump some atv's

we have accomplished two things already

edit from mother parker for nat geo grant
and steak and beer
shit yea

good stuff

ill have a wrap up of ten sleep
sooner than later
with some more awesome photos
oh jesse 'no-more-fragile-boy' spauldo
send 12c
holy shit man
he is coming around
but for now

" i make huge breakfast in the place"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the one millionth sleep

"sleepin like a baby
in the back of my car"

that is the start of the new rap song i created
the rest is just some biblical references
ya know, that kind of stuff

had a fun drive to the land of
Ten Sleep

went through 2 of the crazy-est hail storms ever
now my car looks wunderful
little bruises here and there
but looks like a beatin wife
in the 80's
"everythings gonna be ok honey"

but we made it and now we climb
and then climbed again
and then rain and slight hail
and then rest today
fun times
did a climb i have been wanting to do forever
and it took 2 goes, woooo
Napalm Death 12c/d

jesse's got some photo's
and i have a few to share
"prepare for great-beautiful-things"
that should be the awareness of ratures
fuckin religion!!!

Brandon, Molly, Bree, and Jesse

I owe Jesse a 6-pack of beer
he had two rocks and two bottles to slingshot
and he did them both
lucky fuckin dude

Fire and Hell

and a random pic from YellerStone last weekend

Monday, June 6, 2011

back from yellerstone

had a blast with the yellerstone wedding
drank with the
Buffalo Field Campaigners
if u dont know who these people are
find out,
i was asking nate (mandolin player)
what you call these people
ya know (hipsters, druggies, whatever)
he said they are called
Do It Yourself

so a cross between
reallllly nice people, and hippie-ster
it was awesome
loads of homemade wine
and loads and loads of it

forgot my SD card today
but pictures sooner than later

spaulding and i r heading to tensleep
today for 2 weeks
i love that place
gonna climb
project the projects
crossin my fingers on 'Hellion'
but first a few days of enduro central

"im going to the country
babe, dont you wanna go"


Friday, June 3, 2011

looking for love in all the wrong places

maybe before i leave
i should get married
and start a kid
yeah start one
ya know
like the opening scene to
Look Who's Talking Now
when the sperm swims through uterus
and connects and slams through the egg
yes slam into the egg

that is what i need to do
have some little scotts running around
while daddy is overseas doing his thing
then ill prolly marry some foreign beauty
and never come back

but ill do that if the whole marriage thing
and kid thing doesnt pull through.

headin to yellerstone this weekend
for some bluegrass weddings
and then ten sleep for a week or two
i like climbing
i like bluegrass
i am in need of a loving
well, for like 3 months
or until i leave
if u know of any sweet loving caring
let me know

Thursday, June 2, 2011

pretty excited

yes i am
pretty excited
no reason in general but just thought id let i know
have like two weeks off coming sunday
after some music in w. yellowstone
so ten sleep here we come
or lander
or maple canyon
either or
then music again a lot
then learn some Urdu
and fly to Pakistan
then come back
and go to bishop
then hang out where ever after
(p.s.- god, can u make it stop raining)