Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 1/2

i will try that hard

or even harder

going to the happies today
then a half day tomarrow at the sads
and then i long cracked out drive back to the coldddd weather

gonna send something today
or wrap up 4 things tomarrow
that sounds big
like big big
like more bigger than big

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 more days of climbing to be had and many projects to be done
i am already ready for next year, hopefully i spend long time months of action in 2011

did the classic 'atari' which is really hard
and then my thumb got stuck for about 10 seconds on the right hand thumb hole
but i got it out and topped out

here is the kind-a-scary throw to the top

days before was my favorite 2 days, and best so far

with acid wash, and acid wash right going down
i was thankful for jesus' help
because this drop knee could take no more

too many times

one move before the crux move to the some-what-slopey lip
that left hand crimp is soooooo greasy
or moist is a good word

kyle almost stickin the one move wonder "toxic avenger"
so close, think tall like manute bul or yao ming

molly crushing n sending 'rio's crack'
also, she sent the shit out of herself, or the problem, 'molly'

some hugee mountain at the parking for the 'crab cooker' hotspring

like i said, 2 more days, and they r supposed to be cold
34 for crushing to be exact
could go to vegas but
money money money

Sunday, December 26, 2010

today is a good day

the weather is back to rainshadow weather
40% yesterday night and today
but the sun is a shinin
thought i could get a lot of sleep last night
getting ready for the coons

but damn wind picked up and kept me up forrrrever

so i thought again about some things

one thing pretty much for like 5 hours


and how cool it would be to just take like 15 or 17 loads
up a mountain and hide out

some things on my list
-20 rolls of duct tape
-8 cans of white gas
-a shit ton of noodles
-some parm
-300 yrds of nylon twine
-all of my fathers guns an ammo (might take like 10 different trips)

ya know, ya get the gist

oh and some sweet succulent lady
to take care of my wounds and be a baby maker

maybe ill name "it" Duncan

yep, that is what happens when you stare at the top of a tent
for hours and wait for the sun to rise and the ceiling of ur tent to get brighter

excited cuz the lovely couple of brandon and molly r coming down
and then sams slow-ass family lover will be here wed. night

took a rest day and going to crush juice out of rock, today
pics soon

Friday, December 24, 2010


the sun came out
and kyle n i tried to warm up a bit
i did some slab
kyle walked the hulk
then we thought nothing better to do that
had everything dialed except for the shitty awkward start
after barely getting it a couple of times
but losing energy cuz it is all right arm lock offs
kyle said, dude, hang on ur right arm
and swing ur feet over

boom shaka laka
it must be the shoes (NBA Jam)

i did that move and felt like a pornstar
infinite juices, yea, infinite juices

and made it to the top
for my first v10-er
hurray for god

post send victory chew/beer

now today kyle will send
and we both will do acid right sit





Thursday, December 23, 2010

today is the day sun is out
and not a cloud in the sky
time to crush, send, boom, pow
just little coffee shop to warm up
and the joes valley special (sam, u know)
chew, coffee, and poop
great stuff

going to climb acid wash
probably cuz kyle and i have been have a steadyintake of many calories

an #3 is surely you

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


back to rain for today
then 2 days of no rain
then rain one day
then 2 more days of rain
and then another huge storm for the new years weekend
probably going to leave on the 30th here
too much coffee shop time

it was nice to get out yesterday while things were drying up
made super progress on acid wash left
got it in two segments, which is sick
my style of not one single hard move
well the first move is super awkward but i love being tall
could be my first v10
the buttermilks are for sure out of commission.
next year going to come around november
so i can climb there and everything else other than the main area
surely going to be sick of the happies

we walked to the sads the other day
and there is like lakes where the trail goes to
fuckin rain

those coons came back last night but i hid my food so they wouldnt get it

this smornin i just literally laid in my tent and stared at the ceiling
some things i thought of

1.maybe i should use that higher left foot when going to the crimp on acid wash

2. i wonder if i will have enough juice and less fat from sitting around all day for acid wash

3. why didnt i balls up and say hello to that girl in the gym

4. i am a pussy

5. i think i can beat kyle in chess today

6. maybe beat him in monopoly too

7. no more puddle surfing, that probably was not good for my car

8. another new years in missoula, oh joy

9. what is the date today

10. my side abs hurt from that first move on acid wash

11. maybe i should not change beta and just stick with it

12. kyles getting up, time to force myself out of the sleeping bag and put on some smelly dirty clothes

hell yeah

i look like a greasy bum

that is because right now
i have a splendid side part going on
and take that plus grease
sweeties r saying sweet nothings to me, right now

oh, and i am not going insane-er

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


50% today
which is actually sun right now
melting everything, even my face
70% tomarrow
then sun til we go home
thank god

last night we got super drunk and went puddle surfing
that involves driving down the road to happies and sads
where there is hugeeee puddles from the huge storm cali had
like puddles should be more like lakes
yes driving drunk is not good
when you risking going to bed at 7
you got to think of something
and driving drunk is good

so slept pretty well except the dog going through our trash
2 racoons
bastards kept me up all night
wanted to follow them back to there home and kidnap the baby racoon
but my shoes were wet.

soon there will be climbing

and my computer screen has two huge cracks on it
and a black spot the size of a small leaf
time to switch from a toshiba

Sunday, December 19, 2010

SO.. since ive had much time to think and dream
id like to share a few dream scenes with you

1. walking down the street and wave at a bus, only to find out that it is this girl that i always exchange smiles with at the gym. (not a dream girl yet). and then she says she is done working or driving and would walk with me home.

2. some kind of cult ending of the world is happening and i walk in the garage to find one of the attractive lady cult members. i do nothing of turning her in, but just chat for a while. i glance out the garage window to see different fires throughout the land (signs from the cult that the war in on) and i say goodbye to the cult member. i walk outside and hop on an old plane with some chick, not sure who, and fly away into the sun set

3. playing with broken valley roadshow in a barn for lots of people. plug in my bass which is more like an electric bass. the plug doesnt work and has some feedback. so i cant hear my bas r the rest of the music. move closer to matt, who is playing banjo and the crackle of feedback gets louder. then i awake from my dream to hear loud as shit rain drops on my tent. fuckin rain.

thats some of the dreams i have been having

kyle said he woke up screamin last night to some vampire dream, what a puss, haaa

3 more days of getting cracked out on coffee and trying to play chess (not too good)

hopefully taht 40% of rain means we can go break holds in the happies or sads.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Rain is the topic toay
tomarrow is rain
the next, rain

j tree, rain
vegas, rain
everywhere is rain

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrap It Up

that is always what my mom told me
"now now, scotty boy, make sure you wrap it up"
thanks for the advice mother
26 years later, including my very youthful youth
when puberty was none and my peterwiener was just,.. there

no baby(s)
or "wrap it up"
as in semester and the year

----wooo whooooo----

Monday, December 13, 2010


i think its about time to make a commitment
this is involved in new years resolutions
"commitment" that is

most new years resolutions are doubtfully pursued
or i guess pursued but not fullfilled
these resolutions could be a commitment,
a lifestyle change,
anything actually will do

ya know, i have been craving cigs lately
i thought chewin would help that habit but
smoking cigs might be my commitment for 2011
maybe quit chewing will be my commitment for 2011
and then
start smoking again
i have to much of an addicted personality
hopefully not hard drugs
my resolution will be

graduate college and do nothing with my degree
and then live out of my car
with the money my dying grandma gives me
and climb a shit ton and smoke cigs
and eat oats n rice n shitty food
while taking multi vitamins, duh
and maybe visit people
not sure who but just relax and try to be a bum for a while
but for now
i am keeping my mustache
until around january 1st.

Friday, December 10, 2010


5th floor was where it started and where it ended
then it started and ended again on the Ground floor

Sunday, November 28, 2010

climbin 'n' stylin

climbin 'n' stylin

suppose-iv-ly ur supposed to suppose,
that wearing brighter shirts helps out the photos
that is true

but sometimes i like to climb in style
like a nice button down shirt
or some nice polo shit

and absolutely no sunglasses at anytime

nothin like a may day in a button up n cords

bright wrangler in washington

not the brightness in shirts ya need for here

some holy polo on 'scarface'

and nothing like a creeeeeeper to end it

i think that is sort of a mustache, puberty perhaps

Thursday, November 25, 2010

cabin fever

cabin fever
it is not a yonder mountain string band tour
just a thanksgiving at the cabin
and it is windy as shit
and snowy as shit

look at those snow drifts



do u hear that


i think someone or something is calling my name
oh wait.
it is
it is
it is
it is
it is

it is BISHOP

i will come my friend
i will come my friend soon
i will come my friend soon, as in 4 weeks or so
i will come my friend soon, as in 4 weeks or so, with kyle
i will come my friend soon, as in 4 weeks or so, with kyle, my friend

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

the flame burned out

i, sparker, must have some kind of power overtaking my body

i thought, wait, i dont believe in a god.

some super natural being was suckin my soul out

couldve been my absence in faith......

yep, thats it

well, enough of that god shit, its sunday right

i have been out climbin a bit here and there

whiskey gulch, instead of voting
some man dude and chick yelled at me for that
then back to whiskey
and now
this weekend
leavenworth, wa

climbing good, and great, and awesome lately
getting those climbs more quicker
or more better too

would really like to climb this in whiskey though

The Green Monster

everything in leavenworth had some sort of super beta
like palm bumping
or a slam dunk-tastic micheal jordon move
or some plain try hard

this was the hardest problem in the world
but the coolest problem in the world
the neato-ist moves in the world

yeah double double negative that

Mad Max 7A+

also testing the new wrangler shirt out from goodwill

speakin a new classic sweetass shirts

was down in nye, mt last weekend
for some "adventurin" at the homestead 2.0

2.0 = retired older people, well not that old, living in a couse (cabin+house=couse)
and my 2nd ever folks home
that also means withstanding my folks for more than 2 days
i usually go down there for my niece, miss mia

i also had some country shirts for the band
and my mother has an embroider machine
that blows shit out of the water
so i decided to spice these country shirts up
with some bad-ass-ery

eat your eyes out embroidery companies

if that doesnt eat'm out
click the picture
and your eyes could get raped
perhaps you need to "get protection" before clickin

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 3

I, God, am often overseen as the sole creator of the universe
pretty sweet huh
but i am not that cool
i have to create many things i dont want to

shitty dogs
mean bitchy women
douscheee dudes

but what i did create is

they all have great Vitamin B6, C, and Potassium

they are always great
but when i eat them i have to peel them different than most humans
and monkeys too

go out and get some bananas today
i couldve just created some in my hand
but i am a nice god today
and bought 3 of them with money
probably to make our economic society better
or just help out

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 2

i can skip days
or make 1 day
1 really long day

My question to you for your observation is

Why, when you hold the door open for someone,
do they stick there hand out and touch the door
or caress it?

Is that person just an insecure person?

Is that ladies husband cheating on her?

Is that cute girl your trying to be nice for just a bee-atch?

who knows, but
observe next time.

I am your father

not anyone else

'member, dont listen to anyone
except me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

day 1

or should i say
is saturday
the 6th
of 11 of
O 10

i am here to explain a few things
perhaps they may be useful
or they may not
but all in all
i am here to explain why i am GOD

for starters
remember or dont
those humans that want or need to save the environment
dont really need too
cuz i want or need to save "money"

long ago
when i lived with these one kind folks
they thought of everything as in
"ego-logical footprints"
fuck that shit

i always asked them what that meant
as always, you usually get a blank obscure answer
that usually refrences their stint in EVST 101

see, do you even know who Janet Rankin is
ok, i do, cuz i know everything
and she just has a building named after her
I Am God

so i did my part
in this ego-logical footprinting

turned off lights

and not for the enviros
but to save money

and after all these years since it was invented
the light switching off that is

i seem to still enjoy a tasty oat
cuz they are cheap
and healthy
and good

and i am sure jesus ate oats too
cuz they are cheap
and healthy
and good

my, godly lesson to you
is to
never listen to anybuddy
but me

and instead of putting sugar on ur oats
put on some honey

and if you get trapped in bozeman, montana, usa
look for this arty house
and run the fuck away

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A 7 Days Series

Starting today
on another post
am doing a series of

"Why I Am God"

I hope its right, cuz i have some splendid ideas

Sunday, October 31, 2010

sober day

checkin in to homework
but dont ever really have any
dont count art as that shit
but for people that use stumble upon
that like art.
go to

good stuff
and lots of different shit
sort of like things about things
ya know

also, gonna do the "2 times a month" sunday thing
best buy, barnes n noble, walk around home depot
thats bout it.

could waste bout 2 hours doing that shit

have to do a scenario scene for photography this week
all i can think of is dead shit
but here is an old good friend from highschool
great stuff
i can and u could probably tell
that she is from wyoming
go get them lady
i know how to fill out grad papers
me dumb drrrrrrrr
no i dont know how

well, found out greenstein knows how
and also, he is alive
bit of a crazy-nesss last night
oh, and i am alive too


Friday, October 29, 2010


had some new faith in kooter yesterday

climbed the tempess
which is very good and a very good warm up
then went over and cleaned up the 2nd pitch to "low fat turkey dog"
pretty awesome link it will be
12a or b ? into 12 b or c ?
equals 12c or d

not sure but a good 30 meter route to be had soon

oh its halloween
a "used to be favorite holiday"
now i just wanna get out a town n go climb
yes, cliche and cheezy sounding but true

some other things on the mind r

thank god i didnt go to signal path last night
it wouldve been a 3 to 4 day recovery
given the effects

wondering what album Phish will cover for halloween
yeah, cant wait
the past albums have been

1994- the beatles "white album"
1995- the who "quadrophenia"
1996-talking heads "remain in light"
1998- velvet underground "loaded"
2009- rolling stones "exile on main street"

so for all you jam band haters
and rap/hip-hop lovers (same fuckin thing)
do yourself a favor and listen to one of these shows
cuz it is live, not studio
whoa, sorry

but word is they r going to play

1. Queen’s “A Night at the Opera,”

2. Genesis, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” or“Selling England By the Pound,”

3. Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland,”

4. King Crimson’s “Lark’s Tongue In Aspic"

5. Frank Zappa

6. Led Zepplin

yep its called the grapevine
they dont have that at rappy-rap shit grapevine now do they
well, other than rape and killings

to make you phish haters hate
i now have 593 shows
and that includes studio albums

i graduate in the spring
thats all
me n jetta r going to have a lot of road time after that

who wants to go to smith rock for thanksgiving

well for now

Sunday, October 24, 2010

runnin with the devil

had an awesome day the other day
yes, i prayed the night before
to god
and also cuz i repeated a whole bunch of problems
at loho

weather was pissy to go to the nicehouse
thank god

so we decided to go to loho

i did

fetus raper
spread em stand
belayed reaction (1st ever)
new zulu (way better, but alright)
beautiful people
the traverse
gib mir feff

yeaaaaa for god

if ur reading this
i am hoping you just came from a place of worship
cuz it helped me fight my shit
so no more drugs and alcohol
and runnin with the devil
well, maybe a little bit
not too much
maybe, sorta, kinda really, but not

Friday, October 22, 2010

Boulders, n Bluegrass

yes, a great title but it fits

shoulder is good
and out a shape indeed

a little bit of info on how to heal an injury

#1. drink a lot (cuz ya cant climb)

#2. take drugs (cuz ya cant climb)

#3. ride gym bike n do abs only (cuz ya cant climb)

#4. play lots of music (cuz ya cant climb)

thats bout it
just drinkin and druggin (hank III)

joe recently got the first ascent of the nice house proj
nice work boy, but the name??? come on now

then molly followed up with the 2nd
and then sam with the 3rd, no no
just kiddin, he keeps fallin from the top
shoulda been a punter in futbal
sorry sam, ur weird lately

joe on "swamp fox or swamp donkey or backwoods baptist"

also played the bozeman bluegrass fest last weekend
and stayed up all night like usual
like i said, drinkin n druggin

here are some recent pics
that cracked out greenstein took
he says the differ

broken valley roadshow
w/brain paw on fiddle

i fuckin hate bluegrass
and have no fun

matt hates it too

cam, pete, n aaron

cam n aaron n me

Saturday, October 16, 2010

i guess since i play too much music
i cant climb
so while i wait to play music
i help aaron fulfill his quest to beat zelda 64 on wii

"i hate those fuckin spiders,
they won't let you go anywhere."
says aaron

"dont worry
go through the left door and kill the skullietas,
and then the princess will be safe. next up
i say

yea so bozeman today
homework sunday
car monday
and then tuesday i will be able to go back outside
i guess more rest for the shoulder

and super mario on super nintento is bad asssssss

Saturday, October 9, 2010

double your pleasure

few climbing days makes me happy
c i was confused reading that too
i forgot to add in some words
the few climbing days, that i have been out, makes me happy
there better
or maybe not

got really close on another pleasure dome proj
just need some more scrubbin up top and donee
3 done
scrubbed some more of the nice house
and too bad god hates us or me and makes it rain
cuz it was really nice out
despite the god thing and rocks
equals, not so dry frictionee rock

never the less, and always the more
kyle almost sent one of the lines
and this is what you have to do on it

double pinch heel

very cool features on this rock
"not like lolo"
as they say

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

come sing it now

"goin climbin climbin climbin"
"oh yeahhhhh"

pretty cool song huh
just wrote it

went to the doctor
ole man rivers more like it
and basically i told him more than he knew
thanks to internet and ken and jesse

sort a funny
nothin wrong with it
just overuse and me being dumb as shit

so i am takin it slow
like in a relationship
but i am not going to break hearts
cuz it is my shoulder
it has no feelins

katie said shes gonna "hook me up"
with one of the rockin rudy chics
shit yeah, i love 18 year olds

i think i might go home n shave
no no
i will grow a creepstash


i heard this joke the other day
love it

"how many dead hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb"

"a number you've never heard of"

yep, it made me go out and buy some 28w 36L black jeans

some major "denim cock" there
not sure what that is, huh
well look at the album cover "sticky fingers" by rolling stones
that will give you a picture

well going to go do homework of the homework i dont have to do
watch movies or make pots
like the saying "Save Babies OR DIE"

Thursday, September 30, 2010



thats because i climbed yesterday, whooopppeeee
and the shitty-est actress, whoopeeeee

my shouder felt good 2 days in a row
so yesterday was going to go to the gym
and went to lolo instead, whooopppeeeee

trying to take it slowly now
that is why i went bouldering at lolo

feels tight today
but it was baddd asss to get my flangees on some stone

cant wait to get back in shape n climb, yeaaaaa

here is 3 random photos for my n ur enjoyment

got a new bass peg cuz my other one broke
i think it is just the right size??

flyin lotus n escape artist

another super proj. that we scrubbed
crazy hard

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

still feelin great

still havent caressed my fingers on rock
or plastic
or boobies either

so thats that
shoulder has been feeling really good the past few days
still tryin not to climb til oct 11
and no
i havent shut out my climber friends
all my pocket-ed out fingers from the summer have healed
or so i think

but been movtivated otherwise with music

playin on the trail 103.3
broken valley roadshow
on friday at 12.00pm
and then
playin bass with the lil smokies on
saturday at the top hat
come on down and party
i will be gettin tuned up thursday night
cuz that seems to be my friday these days

Saturday, September 18, 2010

loho bb

sanagree arete boulder

Sam tryin Sanagree Arete

fungi in the forest

and perhaps, captain ross

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tryin n Tryin

trying n trying.
not to climb
so my shoulder, fingers, and perhaps life will heal

gonna do this
til oct. 11
yes. that is that minus one month anniversary
of the big sept. 11

"lets all remember the past"

i (dislike) that shit when people say that shit
why would we want (w)TOO.

"remember when"
i dont like that either, but i do it

perhaps ill say
"hey 'member when"
"i had that creepy 'stash"
"(used) to chew... desert that is"
"i went over to samsquinch's house"
"she had a cool old camera"
"with some 70's film"

"so i took the advantage of being photo-entergetic"
"that day"
" 'nd this is how cool i am"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i have too much internet

3 or maybe even 4
of those internet "user" names
i, today, on my "to do list" is gettin rid of more shit
so, i am currently narrowing down them to one
or just have one but create that new one
after this i will go to my homestead

so, to the basement where pepe lives
i found just aquired Stuff (not Junk) that i have aquired
mostly from g-barb (grams)
couldnt find anything down there
so up i went

i have too many hobbies
or shit that i like to do
-somewhat painting area
-mic for music
-a pile of shit that im gettin rid of
but has been sittin there for a while now
-more shit
-a pile of sale shit, that i havent really done anything with

o and 2 more things
thought bout what music to download

look up "rap"
on wiki
click on 80's rap
and download every artist and some

it is great
watched sunny in philly
and they were watchin hulk hogan
look that shit up on youtube
classic and crack

Friday, September 10, 2010

two week

not weak, but week
it could be?

#1. the duba-u from wigga, and like eek out yo
could equal WEEK


#2. the duba-u n double-e from weep and the k from o.k.
could equal WEEK

or just that two weeks have gone by
thats that

throwing pots, climbing on rock again (after 1 WEEK n a few days)
oh, n dreamin bout dream girls

here is a few more thing related things that i have been up to this week

caught some creepy colored missoula worker
tryin to give a little kid booze

sexual offender, can we say?

he wont be knockin on ur door anytime soon

zee beautaful fetures a Lolo
o fleenston roc

sam trying to grasp the boob on Horray for boobies

some hard Heartbroken
shittin ay right

n finally did Flyin Lotus, bad ass problem
dynamic moves to a sort of trust top

now i go and buy loc for bike
go listen records at ear candy
school it
enjoy music money
hope it does not rain no more

Friday, September 3, 2010


Some things that are SQUEEKY

1. any movement of my chair in the mansfield liberry. computer #45

2. after i press down the space bar, as it comes out, it squeeks. computer #45

3. My shoulder

and no

i am not stoned, wellll

Sunday, August 29, 2010


well, the weekend is endin a near
and thanks for every person that came out in the rain
it is time to sober up from a 5 dayer
or maybe 6
not sure

so some sketti and a beef stick

and i am also excited cuz
soon my friend chad is finishing up
"GrooveCan II"
so u will here music coming from my bike
all round campus and shit
and i will make sure it is awful shitty music too

here is what the inside looks like

and for all you dyno-ers out there


like gunner here
as i say, "think 'black hammies' "

Sunday, August 22, 2010

kyle tweaked his shit on a mono
so were at my folks' place in nye
gonna shoot some guns in the morn
get ready for a long bender
longgg i say
sam is back and that means that gettin fucked up
is a must, or i will make sure of it
playin on sunday at river city roots at 11:45
and saturday night at the top hat with the lil smokies

i will not remember wed-sun

and my parents n niece and sis r coming

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"if you were only on facebook," says mother

"no, i am alright," replies me

"well, ill send you something that brittney had, to your email," she says

anticipation, is what that feels like.

it is like when someone starts to tell you something, then they say "nevermind"

you can't do that shit!!!! what???? tell me!!!

well, my mother did not tell me, but
it is good n funny too

and down we go-

n further
-brit, mike, jay, n me

fuckin rad

and apparently i wore watches back then

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puzzle Master

-a couple of days ago i did this badass 221 piece G.I. Joe puzzle-
-it was missing 3 pieces-

-i used to do this puzzle as a little kid in gillette, wyo-
-and now i still do this little kid puzzle as a 26 year old 'kid'-

-between those ages, around the adolescent teen age-
-i ran away from home and my folks put me in what pretty much is a mental hospital-
-luckly but not luckly, my good friend tried to kill herself-
-and was in there too-
-pretty funny shit-

-well, anyways-
-i did a shit load of puzzles while spending time on the "5th floor" (is what we called it)-
and the doctors, yes the doctors dubbed me, "PUZZLEMASTER"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

new shit

yes, new shit

like my new weight loss program

i shouldve done it at the beginning of this summer

yes yes, shave my hair off

i will miss my luscious love locks for the time being


here's a " 'NOT' weight loss program"


a how to... on Gettting FAT

Jump into a river
and split your knee cap in half
and be out of commission for 6 months
or so


Saturday, August 7, 2010

the old man, maybe jesus?

An old man walkd, n walkd

across a vast dwight yoakam record

and came upon a hippie crystal

and then ended his life.