Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 1/2

i will try that hard

or even harder

going to the happies today
then a half day tomarrow at the sads
and then i long cracked out drive back to the coldddd weather

gonna send something today
or wrap up 4 things tomarrow
that sounds big
like big big
like more bigger than big

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 more days of climbing to be had and many projects to be done
i am already ready for next year, hopefully i spend long time months of action in 2011

did the classic 'atari' which is really hard
and then my thumb got stuck for about 10 seconds on the right hand thumb hole
but i got it out and topped out

here is the kind-a-scary throw to the top

days before was my favorite 2 days, and best so far

with acid wash, and acid wash right going down
i was thankful for jesus' help
because this drop knee could take no more

too many times

one move before the crux move to the some-what-slopey lip
that left hand crimp is soooooo greasy
or moist is a good word

kyle almost stickin the one move wonder "toxic avenger"
so close, think tall like manute bul or yao ming

molly crushing n sending 'rio's crack'
also, she sent the shit out of herself, or the problem, 'molly'

some hugee mountain at the parking for the 'crab cooker' hotspring

like i said, 2 more days, and they r supposed to be cold
34 for crushing to be exact
could go to vegas but
money money money

Sunday, December 26, 2010

today is a good day

the weather is back to rainshadow weather
40% yesterday night and today
but the sun is a shinin
thought i could get a lot of sleep last night
getting ready for the coons

but damn wind picked up and kept me up forrrrever

so i thought again about some things

one thing pretty much for like 5 hours


and how cool it would be to just take like 15 or 17 loads
up a mountain and hide out

some things on my list
-20 rolls of duct tape
-8 cans of white gas
-a shit ton of noodles
-some parm
-300 yrds of nylon twine
-all of my fathers guns an ammo (might take like 10 different trips)

ya know, ya get the gist

oh and some sweet succulent lady
to take care of my wounds and be a baby maker

maybe ill name "it" Duncan

yep, that is what happens when you stare at the top of a tent
for hours and wait for the sun to rise and the ceiling of ur tent to get brighter

excited cuz the lovely couple of brandon and molly r coming down
and then sams slow-ass family lover will be here wed. night

took a rest day and going to crush juice out of rock, today
pics soon

Friday, December 24, 2010


the sun came out
and kyle n i tried to warm up a bit
i did some slab
kyle walked the hulk
then we thought nothing better to do that
had everything dialed except for the shitty awkward start
after barely getting it a couple of times
but losing energy cuz it is all right arm lock offs
kyle said, dude, hang on ur right arm
and swing ur feet over

boom shaka laka
it must be the shoes (NBA Jam)

i did that move and felt like a pornstar
infinite juices, yea, infinite juices

and made it to the top
for my first v10-er
hurray for god

post send victory chew/beer

now today kyle will send
and we both will do acid right sit





Thursday, December 23, 2010

today is the day sun is out
and not a cloud in the sky
time to crush, send, boom, pow
just little coffee shop to warm up
and the joes valley special (sam, u know)
chew, coffee, and poop
great stuff

going to climb acid wash
probably cuz kyle and i have been have a steadyintake of many calories

an #3 is surely you

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


back to rain for today
then 2 days of no rain
then rain one day
then 2 more days of rain
and then another huge storm for the new years weekend
probably going to leave on the 30th here
too much coffee shop time

it was nice to get out yesterday while things were drying up
made super progress on acid wash left
got it in two segments, which is sick
my style of not one single hard move
well the first move is super awkward but i love being tall
could be my first v10
the buttermilks are for sure out of commission.
next year going to come around november
so i can climb there and everything else other than the main area
surely going to be sick of the happies

we walked to the sads the other day
and there is like lakes where the trail goes to
fuckin rain

those coons came back last night but i hid my food so they wouldnt get it

this smornin i just literally laid in my tent and stared at the ceiling
some things i thought of

1.maybe i should use that higher left foot when going to the crimp on acid wash

2. i wonder if i will have enough juice and less fat from sitting around all day for acid wash

3. why didnt i balls up and say hello to that girl in the gym

4. i am a pussy

5. i think i can beat kyle in chess today

6. maybe beat him in monopoly too

7. no more puddle surfing, that probably was not good for my car

8. another new years in missoula, oh joy

9. what is the date today

10. my side abs hurt from that first move on acid wash

11. maybe i should not change beta and just stick with it

12. kyles getting up, time to force myself out of the sleeping bag and put on some smelly dirty clothes

hell yeah

i look like a greasy bum

that is because right now
i have a splendid side part going on
and take that plus grease
sweeties r saying sweet nothings to me, right now

oh, and i am not going insane-er

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


50% today
which is actually sun right now
melting everything, even my face
70% tomarrow
then sun til we go home
thank god

last night we got super drunk and went puddle surfing
that involves driving down the road to happies and sads
where there is hugeeee puddles from the huge storm cali had
like puddles should be more like lakes
yes driving drunk is not good
when you risking going to bed at 7
you got to think of something
and driving drunk is good

so slept pretty well except the dog going through our trash
2 racoons
bastards kept me up all night
wanted to follow them back to there home and kidnap the baby racoon
but my shoes were wet.

soon there will be climbing

and my computer screen has two huge cracks on it
and a black spot the size of a small leaf
time to switch from a toshiba

Sunday, December 19, 2010

SO.. since ive had much time to think and dream
id like to share a few dream scenes with you

1. walking down the street and wave at a bus, only to find out that it is this girl that i always exchange smiles with at the gym. (not a dream girl yet). and then she says she is done working or driving and would walk with me home.

2. some kind of cult ending of the world is happening and i walk in the garage to find one of the attractive lady cult members. i do nothing of turning her in, but just chat for a while. i glance out the garage window to see different fires throughout the land (signs from the cult that the war in on) and i say goodbye to the cult member. i walk outside and hop on an old plane with some chick, not sure who, and fly away into the sun set

3. playing with broken valley roadshow in a barn for lots of people. plug in my bass which is more like an electric bass. the plug doesnt work and has some feedback. so i cant hear my bas r the rest of the music. move closer to matt, who is playing banjo and the crackle of feedback gets louder. then i awake from my dream to hear loud as shit rain drops on my tent. fuckin rain.

thats some of the dreams i have been having

kyle said he woke up screamin last night to some vampire dream, what a puss, haaa

3 more days of getting cracked out on coffee and trying to play chess (not too good)

hopefully taht 40% of rain means we can go break holds in the happies or sads.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Rain is the topic toay
tomarrow is rain
the next, rain

j tree, rain
vegas, rain
everywhere is rain

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrap It Up

that is always what my mom told me
"now now, scotty boy, make sure you wrap it up"
thanks for the advice mother
26 years later, including my very youthful youth
when puberty was none and my peterwiener was just,.. there

no baby(s)
or "wrap it up"
as in semester and the year

----wooo whooooo----

Monday, December 13, 2010


i think its about time to make a commitment
this is involved in new years resolutions
"commitment" that is

most new years resolutions are doubtfully pursued
or i guess pursued but not fullfilled
these resolutions could be a commitment,
a lifestyle change,
anything actually will do

ya know, i have been craving cigs lately
i thought chewin would help that habit but
smoking cigs might be my commitment for 2011
maybe quit chewing will be my commitment for 2011
and then
start smoking again
i have to much of an addicted personality
hopefully not hard drugs
my resolution will be

graduate college and do nothing with my degree
and then live out of my car
with the money my dying grandma gives me
and climb a shit ton and smoke cigs
and eat oats n rice n shitty food
while taking multi vitamins, duh
and maybe visit people
not sure who but just relax and try to be a bum for a while
but for now
i am keeping my mustache
until around january 1st.

Friday, December 10, 2010


5th floor was where it started and where it ended
then it started and ended again on the Ground floor