Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i gots a touchy feelee

usually i am pumped up for when it snows
only because it quiets the skiers down
it only makes them talk more
"nar shred pow pow"
"duddddeee, white nar"
i do not like cum shots in my face
excuse me
powder shots in my mouth

it is nice though
that now i can say
"its really snowee outside,
guess i better stay in"
instead of
"i just stayed in all day when it was really nice out"
apparently my friends dont like that

last night at 2:00 or maybe it was earlier
or later?
i took advantage of snow sports and made this

gods angel made out of 100% pure snow

this is what snow clothes look like

and ra-tard lady poses

still the same ole same ole
i cant wait for february
cuz thats closer to older
cuz i get to go to work 2 nights a week
every weekend
music though

sometimes i feel like this when i have to have fun

and other times
when i am going to conquer the world
and not give a fuck i feel like this

or just wantin hugs and kisses

once in a while i take hiatus'
from things
like this and that
and said and unsaid things

but i rekindled my non-hiatus time with my records
its like when u get off a problem "in the gym"
and u sit down
and u just stare at the wall
prolly cuz ur trying to make up problems?

and u just stare and go touch a hold on again
and sit down again
and stare again
and then realize ur friend is sitting right next to u
oh, hey whats up
yea, that is what i have been doing with this wall

what shall i listen to
touch, nope
back up
step forward, touch, nope
and then i think to myself
ipod are so simple
and then someone has been watching u
and not that i get embarrassed but
instead create a shy face
so they c about 1/2 ur face
like a sad puppy
the way they turn away when their sad
i step forward and go with a good ole
inbred bluegrass piece of art
until that person calls u an inbred
and then go back to square one
and recycle the same motions
and over
until a lady shows up
wait what time was it?

well, then u dont feel so bad
when u were getting all touchy feelee with vinyl
and neither does she

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my new friends

my days have been going by really fast
yes, no job still
but i really dont need one
want one
been a tad bit slum lordin it
a tad homeless-ee bout it

after a whole day
i wonder what i did with that day
there is a lot on one
a lot on the other

i finally received my holiday package
from mother and father
i love getting packages from ma and pa
my mother sends them
(too hard for father)
since she knows the mail lady
(next door neighbor)
she does this

lucklee she uses 1000 stamps
and lucklee that neighbor of hers
doesnt stamp everyone
my roomate pointed out that
i can use every stamp on here
i already used three
lovin the system mother

other than that
i have been building benches
and desks
in my ghar-aagge
and if u stain anything
walnut stain that is
it looks amazinggg
and some poly after
and it looks tackee,
but keeps the moist secretions of ur mugs out

it may look like a desk
but it is a bench
for tall people
or for my tall desk

maybe if i fix my whole house in the future
it will all be made for 6' and taller people
sorry midges

on that bench i sit and sit
and take a ruler day and day in
and draw straight shit after straight shit
i do enjoy
and chain smoke after chain smoke
i get some stuff done

this is my newest one

not complete yet but

and when i dont play massive amounts of xbox
with sean my roomate
i sit in the corner and chat with my friend

dont worry
its only a puppet?
im not sure what street character this feller is
i am starting to get back into ventriloquism
when i was in 7th or 8th grade
i got a ventriloquist dummy
for christmas
and it was bad ass
i practiced and practiced
it came with a big book
on "how to"
to bad i lost "ivan"
in my many moves here in missoula

my new friend will do for now
i think i am going to save up for a new dummy
or not dummy
thats mean
a new friend to talk to

Monday, January 2, 2012

Closer, I Get

Pretty soon
I should be a business man

deep down inside
but not my soul
i really want to
like, wear a suit everyday
get a shave every once in a while
and a hair cut
hot towel included
work more than 8 to 5
usual business men have after work meetings
constant lying to the mrs.
i dont actually want to
i think i am getting closer to one

a while ago i got a suit
cuz i wanted one, chh
on christmas this year
i drank decent wine

by myself too id say
(preparing for the future of busy-ness)

maybe all this thought
is cuz u are like ur father a bit

well, he gives me shit
he gives me hugs
its those 3/4th hugs
gives me guns
trys to give me cigs
do i smoke
no comment
this christmas

i got this from him
fuck yea

just imagine
a nice sport coat covering a tad bit
of the watch
and prolly a man-a-cure
cuz im famous, right

i know it is a hang me down
also it might be a reminder
from father charles
that i should get in gear
and do something
cuz long ago
my tarot cards
i die a hero
something is coming closer
i.. get.. it