Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Month

Happy Rape-ril Everyone!!!!

i know it sounds bad but
around my house
nothing is that bad

(come on griz football)
(keep Rape-ril Rape-ril Free)
what do u say

maybe i should stop
maybe i should not

my month looks pretty pretty good
how bout urs

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my finger hurts

well as always
there is something that hurts on my body
and its not my privates
although i always think i have a hernia
prolly do

well my finger hurts
and it was gettin good
except when u play bluegrass
to the tempo of 180 beats or so
and trying to climb hard

had a good weekend of music
and then this happened on monday night

this is the Lil Smokies
doing some fuckin recordin
bout time huh
hopefully it will be more than an EP

here is the man with the plan

Travis Yost (from Clerics, etc.)

recording is very very shitty
especially with 5 ADHD bandmates
fortunately we got shit done
and monday will be our last hurrah
before sending demos out for band comps
and inbred bluegrass comps

not sure if i mentioned before
but i drank once

that is what i thought the next day


but my friend Nikki
had fun
the day before
Nikki was Great Falls
she falls a lot
and had MS
but as friends
she cant pull that card
(sounds mean i know)
(but were good friends)
so up there
she was black out
and fell straight flat on her face
this time with consequences

other than that
i am excited for Deaner to be back
and be excited too
Jesse is on the lock down
sorry bud
ice, heat, ice, heat my finger

Monday, March 12, 2012

i climb, yeah

it is nice
it is nice outside
well prolly not the next 4 ta 5 days

went to loho one day
by my lonesome
and tested out
what is called "rock"
and it was good
and then
went with "dill pickle"
another day
and tried hard projects

one is this one

it is a willie hard first move
and i feel after that
it will go, not easy
but better

i really really want to do this
but i need some right biceps (yes plural)
to do this thing
i started to warm up on the opening move
but soon, my bicep started to get sore

fuckinnn sweeeettttt
it will go down

and before that we tried a crimpy as shat thing
this is my 50mm lens shot
you can tell that i am a pro photo man

the day or two before
i went by myself
and walked up from the project
and this was what i saw

could be a poacher drop
or a yeti feasting place

finger still sucks balls
but nothin a little
vitamin I
and tape

oh and i drank for the first time
if anyone fuckin really wants to know
god is out
booze (nahhh)
i forgot what a hang over was
and the next day
so back to straight edge gospel junkie!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

ta death

i am bored to death

is supposed to be very nice
supposed to cuz it is supposed to


get to go outside and climb
been nursin the body
so i feel really good
parking lot wall
is going down all week

boulderin training
and then
go to parking lot wall
i doesnt make sense to me either
i just need to get scared a little bit
and parking lot wall is a prettyyyy good place to do that
we will c

one of the lights burnt out in the drawing light

this is what i do with that

the pre slammm

and the "right when shit explodes"

thought it was a decent idea to wear a down
now i have a hole bout 1 inch long
o well
fun timessss

Thursday, February 23, 2012


for days and days
i stand around the desk-table

and for days and days
i sit around the drafting table
well one is
i am makin some art
and two is
i have a show in july
almost in august
and three is
even though i dont really need a degree
in what i am trying to do
i am trying to use my degree
yeah art degree that is
now now
it taught me some things
i cant list them cuz there is not much

i am trying to read up on minimalism
cuz that is what kind of concept and explanation
i am trying to fathom

i finally got my tax returns
checked at 8:07 this morn
i am going to try and get jesse to go on a trip
he usually is on "lock-down-of-love"
with ya know
i might buy a few things with the return
cuz that is how i stimulate our economy
how bout u?

Monday, February 20, 2012


health is better
just green, and purple
and rainbow colors coming out of my nose
and throat-l area

the doctors will be happy now too
cuz i shoved out a pretty penny or 35000 or them
cuz i forgot my ole health bill came this month

this is also big factors of being stuck in ur house
and not sleepin in a sleepin bag
eatin eggs n cheese
noodles n parm
watchin friends make fun of friends
but luckly
i have a nice ole cup of sparker and brenda
to drink out of
love taking things from my folks house!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


one word describes a lot
what other words would describe this
i woke up this morn
pumped up to leave
for some reason my body
feels the need to
hate on me
my throat is really "fuckin" sore again
and i didnt know that 4 different colors
can come out of ur nose at once
so, i am on hold for leaving
this dark, cloudy town

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


shit is random in my life
but all fully aware of well put together

went to work for 2 weekends in a row
and made cash galore in my pockets
put it all in the bank
and to the companys that bill my house
and not i forgot that i get tax returns
love beating the system
(you can literally rape the government in tax season)

so now i have til the 10th of march
until i go back to work
i figured why not do something spontaneous
or random
like go meet sakirtam (sam and kirsten)
down in bishop for 3 weeks
nothing smarter than saving ur money like a homeless person
but first
last weekend was a doozy

watch a bunch for
mountain dew, fox racing, truck driving
meat heads compete for the
Montana Arm Wrestling Association
it was funny as shit
reminded me of Wyoming
here is the finalists

but luckly for them
they had to deal with this fuckin massive thing

ended up in 1st place
Meatheads, ha
they think they r all bad ass
but guess what
climbing gets u strong
and masturbating occasionally too

and so i came out first

yes, that does say 1sat place
but actually
i wanted a souvenir from the weekend
so a took 1st 2nd AND 3rd place medals
(extras just laying around)
i need to stop collecting so much shit

oh goo news.
and maybe not for some
right when i got sick, ya
cant really go out
or smoke cigs
or anything cuz ya feel like death
so it is a good time to stop doing everything
like go sober

so not only do i save money
i have not taken, drank, anythinggggg
for 2 weeks 3 days
yes completely sober
not a drop of alcohol
(passed the major test of hanging with the Lil Smokies)
no drugs

sounds gay i know
but i am kind of likin it
no money to spend on shit now
i am kind of testing myself to see who long i can go
without doing anything

i think for a long time
ok ok
the real story is i found god
duhhhh no shit right
just kidding dont believe in the good feller.

so after the weekend
or both weekends of crazy music
i shut down every cute girl that offered a shot
a beer
a hang out at 3 am let get crazy
snus chew
patron tequila by the dozens

cuz i dont want to feel like this

or look like this

so i faked it and looked like this

and also
it is funny how pissed off
literally fuckin pissed!!
ur friends get when u dont want to go get a beer with them
cuz a beer in my friends or missoula wording is
get black out drunk
and someone will drive

hopefully the next post will be
from a sitting position at
the Looney Bean in Bishop CA!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am Free

sometimes on a loan
$40 bucks, sure ill do it
what is it u want me to do
oh, nevermind, no thanks
usually, i am free
free to hang out
free at cost to have hanged out
and just free of everything
i finally got free of my sickness

that is death-ness in my terms
no good
my roomate said he thought i was dead
on day 3 though, i came out
of my room, ha

so, being a fucked up person
getting sick-er than -shit
is awesome
why so?
because i am a climber
i look at the positive aspects of death

i lost 7 pounds during that time
nothing like
drinking water
and drinking codeine
does wonders

that could be a climber diet.

look i even became a bit ra-tard

and i can see my ribs again
no it does not sound wierd
or narcissism
its called
healthy narcissism
(as a climber)

and blogs
or journal-n
as a think sometimes
does help with all this
cuz i get my thoughts down
great huh

i read a website the other day
yes, grade school graduate
and it had a top 21 things to do
to change ur life up
and 2 of the 21 were
.Put down the computer
and the other was
.Put down the computer
i took that and have been putting down the computer
and pickin up other electronic devices
like this little guy

another electronic device
the kindle fire is the shit
i read again
and i have more space because i gave all
my books back to the store
cuz i found out, just like music,
how to get every single book i want
for free
that does involve pickin up the computer
and downloading
but what ever

i guess i didnt get rid of every book
i collect "art coffee table books" now

and this is the newest edition to my edition

look how big that thing is
hell yea to graffiti.

one other thing
cuz ya know me..
it is funny for a girl calls her thang "my girl"
and "ur guy"
but i say "jay"
for hers or "jaybird"

this also made me miss jordan
his hot new wife

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

very close

i think i am going to die

i cant do anything literally
watch tv, nope
open my eyes, nope
might write out a little will

dont worry i am thinkin of ya all

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i gots a touchy feelee

usually i am pumped up for when it snows
only because it quiets the skiers down
it only makes them talk more
"nar shred pow pow"
"duddddeee, white nar"
i do not like cum shots in my face
excuse me
powder shots in my mouth

it is nice though
that now i can say
"its really snowee outside,
guess i better stay in"
instead of
"i just stayed in all day when it was really nice out"
apparently my friends dont like that

last night at 2:00 or maybe it was earlier
or later?
i took advantage of snow sports and made this

gods angel made out of 100% pure snow

this is what snow clothes look like

and ra-tard lady poses

still the same ole same ole
i cant wait for february
cuz thats closer to older
cuz i get to go to work 2 nights a week
every weekend
music though

sometimes i feel like this when i have to have fun

and other times
when i am going to conquer the world
and not give a fuck i feel like this

or just wantin hugs and kisses

once in a while i take hiatus'
from things
like this and that
and said and unsaid things

but i rekindled my non-hiatus time with my records
its like when u get off a problem "in the gym"
and u sit down
and u just stare at the wall
prolly cuz ur trying to make up problems?

and u just stare and go touch a hold on again
and sit down again
and stare again
and then realize ur friend is sitting right next to u
oh, hey whats up
yea, that is what i have been doing with this wall

what shall i listen to
touch, nope
back up
step forward, touch, nope
and then i think to myself
ipod are so simple
and then someone has been watching u
and not that i get embarrassed but
instead create a shy face
so they c about 1/2 ur face
like a sad puppy
the way they turn away when their sad
i step forward and go with a good ole
inbred bluegrass piece of art
until that person calls u an inbred
and then go back to square one
and recycle the same motions
and over
until a lady shows up
wait what time was it?

well, then u dont feel so bad
when u were getting all touchy feelee with vinyl
and neither does she

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my new friends

my days have been going by really fast
yes, no job still
but i really dont need one
want one
been a tad bit slum lordin it
a tad homeless-ee bout it

after a whole day
i wonder what i did with that day
there is a lot on one
a lot on the other

i finally received my holiday package
from mother and father
i love getting packages from ma and pa
my mother sends them
(too hard for father)
since she knows the mail lady
(next door neighbor)
she does this

lucklee she uses 1000 stamps
and lucklee that neighbor of hers
doesnt stamp everyone
my roomate pointed out that
i can use every stamp on here
i already used three
lovin the system mother

other than that
i have been building benches
and desks
in my ghar-aagge
and if u stain anything
walnut stain that is
it looks amazinggg
and some poly after
and it looks tackee,
but keeps the moist secretions of ur mugs out

it may look like a desk
but it is a bench
for tall people
or for my tall desk

maybe if i fix my whole house in the future
it will all be made for 6' and taller people
sorry midges

on that bench i sit and sit
and take a ruler day and day in
and draw straight shit after straight shit
i do enjoy
and chain smoke after chain smoke
i get some stuff done

this is my newest one

not complete yet but

and when i dont play massive amounts of xbox
with sean my roomate
i sit in the corner and chat with my friend

dont worry
its only a puppet?
im not sure what street character this feller is
i am starting to get back into ventriloquism
when i was in 7th or 8th grade
i got a ventriloquist dummy
for christmas
and it was bad ass
i practiced and practiced
it came with a big book
on "how to"
to bad i lost "ivan"
in my many moves here in missoula

my new friend will do for now
i think i am going to save up for a new dummy
or not dummy
thats mean
a new friend to talk to

Monday, January 2, 2012

Closer, I Get

Pretty soon
I should be a business man

deep down inside
but not my soul
i really want to
like, wear a suit everyday
get a shave every once in a while
and a hair cut
hot towel included
work more than 8 to 5
usual business men have after work meetings
constant lying to the mrs.
i dont actually want to
i think i am getting closer to one

a while ago i got a suit
cuz i wanted one, chh
on christmas this year
i drank decent wine

by myself too id say
(preparing for the future of busy-ness)

maybe all this thought
is cuz u are like ur father a bit

well, he gives me shit
he gives me hugs
its those 3/4th hugs
gives me guns
trys to give me cigs
do i smoke
no comment
this christmas

i got this from him
fuck yea

just imagine
a nice sport coat covering a tad bit
of the watch
and prolly a man-a-cure
cuz im famous, right

i know it is a hang me down
also it might be a reminder
from father charles
that i should get in gear
and do something
cuz long ago
my tarot cards
i die a hero
something is coming closer
i.. get.. it