Monday, November 28, 2011

support ur friends

Mr. John and (Mrs?) Adeline
Ear Candy
the man

u have ur local bartenders that r the man/woman
u have ur local coffee baristas that r the woman/man
u have ur local locals that r the shit too

im not too much all about "buy local"
well, actually not at all to be correct
but i support Ear Candy
cuz John and Adeline r way cool
friday was black friday
but for some it was record store day
limited edition records
r handed out to independent record stores
in the us
only around 700 stores in the us
thats a lot, but thats not a lot

basically i go and geek out
when the store opens
cuz that is when the store opens
all the good stuff will be gone throughout the day

and u know how much i love Phish
there was the

White Album

Party Time

1st press and only press

yea, nerdin hard and that shit

i am stoked
the funny thing is
i will never open them up
or listen to them
it is kind of like not opening ur barbie doll
from the 60's
cuz it is a collectors item
once u open it, it loses value
atleast i can look and them

Friday, November 25, 2011

up to good

i have been doing exactly that

video gaming
sit ups

just the same ole me


better than usual
so better
that i am invinc-able

and that i hang out with.

and i also hang out with

so interesting story
the girl (widow) that i was hanging out with
might have some dis-abilities
ya know what i mean
and i had to acquire her friends presence
but, the funny thing is
i dont think he knew what i have done
(to her)
but could c there was some wonder in his mind
pretty sure the guy is gay too
sorry but
lisp, shopping, city
yea, gay

like i said
been doing nothing
thinkin bout cali
and get to go to hawaii
on the 6th

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

truth is back

i tell brutal truths

if your not looking for
"beatin 'round the bush tales
come to me
ill tell u 'a' truth
'the' truth also

some fine thang finally got her share
of truth

and still, they dont get it
maybe i will just lie
but lies r jacks
my weekend consisted of

-hangin out with many people
-getting a total of 4-5 hours of sleep for both days
-gettin a royal flush in keno, and winning a shit load of money
(no i do not gamble, the band does)
-meeting the Jackson band and they r like the Lil Smokies
-falling in love with an ex-figure skater
(yes, tall, skinny, oh, and not blonde)
-playin piano like never before
-sleepin on hardwood floors (when i did sleep)
-attending another dill and whiskey party
-ab work out from laughing all weekend

waking up to cams in a hammock in a snow storm
with his mandolin

my cameras sd card sucks
pics sooner than later, yea

Friday, November 11, 2011


i will be respectful to the troops
thank u

but i am very sad
not cuz of the troops
i drove to get some cash out for laundry
(my drier doesnt work)
and i drove by the vet memorial people are putting up
i wanted to slam on my brakes
and shed tears
and have no feeling at all
not cuz of the memorial
because all the tents
and homeless people



what happened missoula


wow this is actually not sad but funny
cuz i it figures
one city down and many more to go

or wait
maybe they are taking a break??????

and today in 54 mins
will be my favorite # day
11-11-11 at 11:11:11

Thursday, November 10, 2011

watch everything

if ur readin this
as ur readin this
watch ur back

this sweet little kitty
could rip ur eye out

and then u will c everything in 2D
that would not be cool
or fun
just think everything u will change
if it is a dominant eye
that u lose
u might as well cut out the other one
and call it a day

Monday, November 7, 2011

cult classics

so my friend chad
and soon new roomate
is a huge fan of
weird cult classics
otherwise known as shitty movies to some people
i do enjoy myself some cult classics

2 or one year ago
a movie came out
that just blows shit out of the water
and today
i have acquired the second installment out the trilogy

it is going to be amazing
cant wait to watch it

and yes
this might explain what kind of a person i am
it doesnt really
i just like, "non-normal" things
and not "being boring"
or lame

so, if ur interested in something cool
go out and watch #1

Thursday, November 3, 2011

near is end the

pretty excited for 11-11-11
cuz that is my number
and were playing in livingston
pretty excited for 11-10-11
cuz that is when martha scanlan is playin the top hat
pretty excited for 11-12-11
thats bozeman bluegrass festival at the emerson
pretty excited for 12-06-11
cuz i get to go get sun on the beach
with my family and niece
pretty excited for 11-03-11
cuz that is today
and everyday is great

my mother sent me this

my grams sold her house in the spring
yeah, boulder colorado
thank god, ha
and this is what the new owners found in the computer room
i always would sit
and make her tell stories
granted i didnt know what she was talking about
it is awesome to hear old peoples stories
and were born in the 20's

now she sits staring at the ceiling all day long
but thats what happens when u get old

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Big Deal

My excuse for not climbing
is that i have one armmmmmm
i still try to climb hard

Luke rockin the
"nothing like a beef mustache"

mutha -^%$*@^*- tablesaw
in the mutha-(*&%@(*& room

carpet into day
furniture later
then i get to get out of town

-Indian Creek

some thoughts in mind

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


the fuckin stain is down
and it is dark
walnut dark
and i got really high yesterday from it
or just sick
or something
probably from chain smoking too
what, you say, smoking

no running

this is what i do
so ill quit when house projects are done
sometime in the future

did u know that u can take
and change two letters
make random
that is what today is

at the break right now
and just heard "bill frisell - nashville"
and the stereo overhead
wow, lovely
now it is shitty ole old crow medicine show

well is u saw me on saturday
getting drunk at the rhino
during zeppos set break in some hot ass blondes face
yelling or fighting at her
then getting more drunk'er' at the rose
this is what i looked like

hopefully i didnt sext ya
cuz someone deserves that, right