Thursday, July 29, 2010

rest days

Squirrel Catapult
got the idea from nick and advanced the technology a little bit
still didnt get one cuz there fucking quick

daily ritual of dippin shit in the creek for a cool down
this day was a shower day included
hence the swimtrunks

Jared and Jesse snugglin after the god wrathed rain storm
too bad they didnt have a tent, ha

Monday, July 26, 2010

Things From Ten Sleep, WY

Some pics of weird shit and pocket pulling

Me (dirty)

(hasnt registered as a sexual offender yet, but...)
...u should lock up ur kids just in case

(came to visit for a few days)

No gay shit here, just man massages

with the dog
(been in my folks home-home before my time)
(and i borrowed it (stole it) from the folks)

Whit (bozeman) and Shelly (colo)
on Lil Smokey
best wall there

rest day activity
god bless joseph smith
there seems to be a mor-man church at every small town
in wyo

Jesse's facination with butterflies
pretty sure he is the one taking it from his girlfriend
"here it come jesse, (straaaap)"

now some photos from

the craziness of the grasshopperwall
joe fa'n a 14a
pretty sick to see
craziness at the wall too
as u can c

levi with the french blow
on "Kielbasa 12c"
we did the double send that day, hell yea

My Flail but sportin well on EVK 12c

Levi's in "Levi mode"
sending EVK 2nd go

So i wasnt feeling it on EVK
and was quiting for the day
then i remembered i brought this little savior up
so jesse and i took a strike out
and i took another shot of jimmy boy
an i was feeling reallll good

and sent Crown Prince Abdullah 12d
second go
fuck yeaaa

with a cruxy clip....

......and another

levi send second go also, yeaaaa

and a parting shot from jesse again

a week or two or something left here
and its back to playin some bluegrass
then school will fuckin start sooner than later
and getting ready for some more intense training this fall
and maybe less drinkin with the crew

come down to River City Roots Festival
the weekend before school starts
playin with Broken Valley Road Show
on sunday
or any other shows come on down

for now, i rest and eat some of the best ice cream ever
from Dirty Sally's

Saturday, July 24, 2010

more sleep ten

there will be photos soon

having great times

climbing well

we all look like creeps, or homeless people
(no showers)
but i enjoy that shit

sendin some shit

tweaked my finger on a mono, fuckkk

other than that good timessss

photos soon

Thursday, July 22, 2010


whooo hooooo
ten sleeeeep

fun stuff

climbed two days
and almost got bitch better get my money back
or somethin like that, 13a
bouldery and short

then the next day tried
the "quotations" "classic"
Supermama or Sugarmama 13a

hard as fuck

but the FCR is the most beautiful wall ever

blue bomber limestone!!!

just got a call from levi
he is 1 hour away

so fun times ahead


and getting lots n lots of endurance

Thursday, July 15, 2010

When I Am Outside

i usually do things inside.
it is summersummer
im not a big fan of the SUN

so while it is hot and bothered weather

.my day inside consists of.

an ALL day, or almost all day
of being inside

sometimes ill dabble on paintings

fingerboard workouts (all day)

play some guitar and think of new songs
million dollar catchy tunes usually

do some creative writing on my typewriter
which i stole from my grams

get into the future of the internet on this piece

write those catchy new songs in this folder
which is worth bout 7 1/2 million

one of my songs i am working on

practice some bass

needing my outside fix, without enjoying the sun
i put an i pod in my ears, and go for an intense
intense bike ride round the town

play these guys all day
while im doing the above and below

do a lot of crunches and low abs on this beautiful looking carpet

cook some oats, peantbutter, and naners
and other things on this stove

there are some things missing but you get the point
played at the kootenai river bluegrass fest this past weekend
and it was great
played round 2 1/2 hours
and got paid bank
wierd playin music and gettin paid

so now i am going to go on a trip back to ten sleep
and hopefully climb super duper hard

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cappuccino Cowboy

left pocket, right crimp
left foot, right jug
match, right pocket, left foot
clip bolt, clip draw, left rail
bump with both, right foot up on rail
funky shit, left hueco, funky shit
right undercling, clip, left rail
match, left more on rail
feet up, and right jug
undercling rest
thats the first 2 bolts
left jug, cross-match, clip
right pocket, left thumb upwards in pocket
right crimp
left foot, jug rail left, and match
come down to tall man stance
and get some sort of rest
thats the second 2 bolts
right on somewhat good hold
right foot up, lurch left pocket
right gaston slant pocket
left jug slant pocket, clip
feet up, right, then right again
dig it in there, it takes skin, but for the best
clip, awkward
left crimp, left slope pocket
right foot, right gaston, right slope pocket, right tooth
feet up, left crimp lock off, right jug
the rest is good stuff

Sunday, July 11, 2010


you can get things done



music to ears,




more and more fingerboard,

lower abs,

dream bout shit,

paint unfinished paintings,


more and more fingerboard,

push ups,

and it cost cheap

more like nothing,

more like nothing than being a hermit

it is very quit when you want it to be too

happy birthday me!!!

yes it is 8.00am on a sunday
but i got to make the best of me turing 26
so far it includes coffee for free
at liquid planet
then it will be the tradition
that has been going on for 3 years now
bloody marys at snowbowl
but this year has the addition
of the world cup title
its going to be a good day
oh and i got an addition to my climbing shit

#1. new hirundos harness
(since mine was falling apart)
(and its bright orange)

#3. 70 meter beal
(all my ropes r fucked)
now i will feel super safe

#2. the canon t2i
(fuckinn sickkkkk)

now i can follow my dreams
shooting porns
no no no

thanks mother jane for shooting me out 26 years ago
and pa for, ya know, doing it

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sugar free

kyle and i went to random events wall
seems like i go there when it is in the summer
and it is hot as fuck
and always have my eyes set on
"cappuccino cowboy"
while it always is baking in the sun

did all the moves
and sweated and
once again
sucked at life
i dis-like summer

maybe i should eat shitty sugars again
to send this coffee bitch
after playin the bluegrass fest jul. 16-18
headin to tensleep for shade and good temps

if your bored come to the kootenai fest


come to ten sleep

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 more days

4 more days
and i turn 26
thats old
my back does not hurt
but i am getting older
maybe i am in the best shape of my life
maybe i just have cancer and i am always skinny
who knows
here is some facts about the number 26

-only single number between a square (25) and a cube (27)-

-a rhombicuboctahedron has 26 sides-

-the atomic number of IRON- (because i am made of it)

-for the less smart, the number of letters in the human alphabet-

-going to have to fun a marathon-

-i can no longer be drafted in the U.S. (yeahhh)-

-26 red and 26 black cards in a deck-

-how old i will be on sunday the 11th-

Monday, July 5, 2010


loving summer
2 days here
4 there
6 more there
2 days up there
1 here
there is 4 more
some more here

lovin it

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pics From Ten Sleep

Got some pics from
from ten sleep, wyo

30 foot whipper on "killer karma" (no endurance)

nothing like a serious belay-er
Jared on The GWB 12b
while i am payin attention for my first 12b flash

Me Starting Happiness is Slavery 12b
dont listen to Casper people
red-point crux up top, effers

Climbing makes me smile, yeaaaaa

Flowing soft pocketsssss, and pumped as shit

Jesse and I after TenSLeep
I love being dirty and climbing
one thing i look forward too

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fastin n Bendin

nothin like bendin from the weekend
that included around 20,000 calories
wouldnt be suprised

so i decided to fast
of so much of not eatin much
i have lost pounds and no
i do not look like these guys

only when i smoke meth
or blow lines off my mother
but i dont do that
that is how that goes

oh and did me and the devil