Monday, April 19, 2010

4 day weekend... Again

another 4 day weekend in
what does that mean?

usually 7 nights a week
of getting drunk
with turdshitface
dance like a womanboy
gettin drunk
2 of the days
jesse and i headed toon saturday

did you know you can get fed a whole meal
from the samples
there was atleast 25 samples
good shit
3 more weeks of school
then its off to colorado

Sunday, April 11, 2010


How many licks does it take
to get to the middle of a tootsie pop?

well, i have been trying for years
i always have a problem with biting the sucker
i broke down and did it

Start time: 1:04 pm
End time: 1:20 pm
16 minutes total

thought it would be longer.
bet joe hasnt tried that you candy junkie fucker

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the band Styper just wants to mind YOUUUUU

to get tested for STD and AIDS virus


joe's valley was awesome
best climbing trip (so far)
everyone crushed and drank not enough (alcoholics?)
i climbed my first V9 and it made me wonder
what i should do next
circumstances have been brought up
my g-barb (grandmother)
lives in

Boulder, COmy dad recently put here in a nursing home
cuz of 2 strokes and other shit

so my fucked up thinkin was
to ask him if i could stay in her house for the summer
was thinkin he would say no or something
he said YES
just get a job and do some yard work

so as of a few days ago
my plans are to live in boudler from may to aug

cant fuckin wait
and turd-shit is gonna be in grand shit-shun
so climbing climbing and not living in missoula
hatin life

and i also will be 5 mins away from flagstaff mountain
and all other close world class climbing areas too