Thursday, September 30, 2010



thats because i climbed yesterday, whooopppeeee
and the shitty-est actress, whoopeeeee

my shouder felt good 2 days in a row
so yesterday was going to go to the gym
and went to lolo instead, whooopppeeeee

trying to take it slowly now
that is why i went bouldering at lolo

feels tight today
but it was baddd asss to get my flangees on some stone

cant wait to get back in shape n climb, yeaaaaa

here is 3 random photos for my n ur enjoyment

got a new bass peg cuz my other one broke
i think it is just the right size??

flyin lotus n escape artist

another super proj. that we scrubbed
crazy hard

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

still feelin great

still havent caressed my fingers on rock
or plastic
or boobies either

so thats that
shoulder has been feeling really good the past few days
still tryin not to climb til oct 11
and no
i havent shut out my climber friends
all my pocket-ed out fingers from the summer have healed
or so i think

but been movtivated otherwise with music

playin on the trail 103.3
broken valley roadshow
on friday at 12.00pm
and then
playin bass with the lil smokies on
saturday at the top hat
come on down and party
i will be gettin tuned up thursday night
cuz that seems to be my friday these days

Saturday, September 18, 2010

loho bb

sanagree arete boulder

Sam tryin Sanagree Arete

fungi in the forest

and perhaps, captain ross

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tryin n Tryin

trying n trying.
not to climb
so my shoulder, fingers, and perhaps life will heal

gonna do this
til oct. 11
yes. that is that minus one month anniversary
of the big sept. 11

"lets all remember the past"

i (dislike) that shit when people say that shit
why would we want (w)TOO.

"remember when"
i dont like that either, but i do it

perhaps ill say
"hey 'member when"
"i had that creepy 'stash"
"(used) to chew... desert that is"
"i went over to samsquinch's house"
"she had a cool old camera"
"with some 70's film"

"so i took the advantage of being photo-entergetic"
"that day"
" 'nd this is how cool i am"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i have too much internet

3 or maybe even 4
of those internet "user" names
i, today, on my "to do list" is gettin rid of more shit
so, i am currently narrowing down them to one
or just have one but create that new one
after this i will go to my homestead

so, to the basement where pepe lives
i found just aquired Stuff (not Junk) that i have aquired
mostly from g-barb (grams)
couldnt find anything down there
so up i went

i have too many hobbies
or shit that i like to do
-somewhat painting area
-mic for music
-a pile of shit that im gettin rid of
but has been sittin there for a while now
-more shit
-a pile of sale shit, that i havent really done anything with

o and 2 more things
thought bout what music to download

look up "rap"
on wiki
click on 80's rap
and download every artist and some

it is great
watched sunny in philly
and they were watchin hulk hogan
look that shit up on youtube
classic and crack

Friday, September 10, 2010

two week

not weak, but week
it could be?

#1. the duba-u from wigga, and like eek out yo
could equal WEEK


#2. the duba-u n double-e from weep and the k from o.k.
could equal WEEK

or just that two weeks have gone by
thats that

throwing pots, climbing on rock again (after 1 WEEK n a few days)
oh, n dreamin bout dream girls

here is a few more thing related things that i have been up to this week

caught some creepy colored missoula worker
tryin to give a little kid booze

sexual offender, can we say?

he wont be knockin on ur door anytime soon

zee beautaful fetures a Lolo
o fleenston roc

sam trying to grasp the boob on Horray for boobies

some hard Heartbroken
shittin ay right

n finally did Flyin Lotus, bad ass problem
dynamic moves to a sort of trust top

now i go and buy loc for bike
go listen records at ear candy
school it
enjoy music money
hope it does not rain no more

Friday, September 3, 2010


Some things that are SQUEEKY

1. any movement of my chair in the mansfield liberry. computer #45

2. after i press down the space bar, as it comes out, it squeeks. computer #45

3. My shoulder

and no

i am not stoned, wellll