Saturday, January 30, 2010


the parents were in town this weekend or thurs-sat
and brought Izzy the dog
so i had to take care of the little lady
cuz hotels

so after dinner, the rents went to the hotel
and i went home

got some what "loaded"
and took the dog for a walk


so i decided to close my eyes and let the dog lead the way

10 o clock at night in the alleys of downtown missoula

it was fun for about 10 mins
then i opened my eyes and went home

fun times

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aids Awareness

coming back from bishop and climbing on rock is cool
you build up some skin
then you come back to crappy weather missoula, mt
and climb on plastic

and then i take a shower

and then i think of the worlds epidemic on AIDS

and then i look at my fingers

and they look like AIDS
Left hand

Right Hand

Saturday, January 23, 2010


do you have friends that are "Bro-skees"
they are dumb.
may play football
or be a good friend or
thats what they think
they have the bro-skee juice
running through their brain
snap your coat string in your eye
for no reason
and then wake up and see blurry shit
well my friend levi
he is a bro-skee

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


got all wasties and started a 10 ten thing
yeah its dumb but i was feeling like cusack in high fidelity

albums so far in no order of worst to best of vice versa

-david bowie "rise and fall of ziggy stardust"
-warren zevon "excitable boy"
-velvet underground "loaded"
-one of the many beatles albums

and so thats that so far

Monday, January 18, 2010


so im once again "Coffee shoppin"
and i think my ex-friend is stalking.
no no
probably not but
now she climbs, like when i was there yesterday
and today
and she is taking a ceramics class
wow, thats my major.
and now she is sitting across from me
literally 4 feet
never new what breakin hearts is on the other side
oh well
life goes on, ha
well going to go shoot guns with deaner

Saturday, January 16, 2010


sittin in coffee shops is great

somewhat decent internet
people watch but sort of feel creepy
listening to phish, way to much
bought something just because of the cover yesterday
and because "Radar Love" is a classic song
some people buy music just for that one song
i enjoy the sleeves of records track 3 maybe?
we all should go back to records
the record
Golden Earring "Moontan"very cool
and also good songs on this
collection is getting probably around 852
thats records
when i left last year for my trip i thought about taking some with me
and making like one of those "futuristic" ideas of
an old school record player mounted on ur dashboard
but with good shocks so it doesnt skip
look at that cover again
well back to sittin round a coffee shop and waiting for a phone call
some smooth relaxin

Friday, January 15, 2010

BIsHop Pics

High Plains Drifter (fell off the jug on a flash, aww shuckkss)

The Clapper

The Clapper

Morning Dove White (ouchy pockets!)

Rio's Crack (very cool shot)

Mr. Witty

Toppin out on "Saigon"

Freakin at how big the Grandpa boulder is

Feeling the finger tips on a rest day


Crux move on "Saigon" (love being tall)

Contenplating what the heck to do on Saigon

Little highballin in the Happies

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bishop, CA baby

been climbing in bishop, ca for the school break for about a week now
great fun
5 degrees in missoula, MT
60 degrees here in cali

t-shirts n sunburns is what i like
although havent taken a show since the 2nd of jan.
feel clean though
been climbing very very well

here is some adventure pics from the trip
oh and one more week here too, yeaaaaahhhhh

nevermind the pics right now
coffee shop internet, suckkkkkss