Wednesday, August 12, 2009

duders n duder-ettes
emotions in starting relationships suck
you speak what you say
think that you think, then say
that what you should do.
i do it
i still am confused at where she stands
kissing at the end of the night must mean something
but emotions were different
oh, and i am a sweaty man
not nervous but just when sort of nervous, i sweat
haha, not a whole lot but a little
anyways, yea, relationships
one day to the next r effin mind blowers
u never really know whats going on
but you think you do
knowing my mind and how it works and worked
you never really know whats going on
i am sure i have "nothing" to worry about
but i do
cuz thats what i do.
i am an avid kisser
i am a cudd-a-ler
thats me. soooooo
hopefully things work out,
and nighty night

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