Saturday, January 16, 2010


sittin in coffee shops is great

somewhat decent internet
people watch but sort of feel creepy
listening to phish, way to much
bought something just because of the cover yesterday
and because "Radar Love" is a classic song
some people buy music just for that one song
i enjoy the sleeves of records track 3 maybe?
we all should go back to records
the record
Golden Earring "Moontan"very cool
and also good songs on this
collection is getting probably around 852
thats records
when i left last year for my trip i thought about taking some with me
and making like one of those "futuristic" ideas of
an old school record player mounted on ur dashboard
but with good shocks so it doesnt skip
look at that cover again
well back to sittin round a coffee shop and waiting for a phone call
some smooth relaxin

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