Tuesday, April 6, 2010


joe's valley was awesome
best climbing trip (so far)
everyone crushed and drank not enough (alcoholics?)
i climbed my first V9 and it made me wonder
what i should do next
circumstances have been brought up
my g-barb (grandmother)
lives in

Boulder, COmy dad recently put here in a nursing home
cuz of 2 strokes and other shit

so my fucked up thinkin was
to ask him if i could stay in her house for the summer
was thinkin he would say no or something
he said YES
just get a job and do some yard work

so as of a few days ago
my plans are to live in boudler from may to aug

cant fuckin wait
and turd-shit is gonna be in grand shit-shun
so climbing climbing and not living in missoula
hatin life

and i also will be 5 mins away from flagstaff mountain
and all other close world class climbing areas too

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