Sunday, June 27, 2010

a week or woke up

woke up with 12 hours sleep
8 to 8 that is
what i thought was 3 days
was one a half day of rain
woke up to 2 awesome people bong ripping
"no thanks, its 8:00 AM
woke up to miles of limestone
read some steve parash bio or autobio
which ever they mean
did what i love for 4 days
or was it 3
woke up with a semi-hangover
and a car ride
woke up with a shirt on in my sleeping bag
on a just slightly slanting slope
lookin out at flathead lake
and just a shirt cuz i sat in pee
watched a movie that weirded me out
or i am just a pussy
drinking montana gold and
getting ready for another movie
-a week in a wrap or a woke in a wrap-

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