Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puzzle Master

-a couple of days ago i did this badass 221 piece G.I. Joe puzzle-
-it was missing 3 pieces-

-i used to do this puzzle as a little kid in gillette, wyo-
-and now i still do this little kid puzzle as a 26 year old 'kid'-

-between those ages, around the adolescent teen age-
-i ran away from home and my folks put me in what pretty much is a mental hospital-
-luckly but not luckly, my good friend tried to kill herself-
-and was in there too-
-pretty funny shit-

-well, anyways-
-i did a shit load of puzzles while spending time on the "5th floor" (is what we called it)-
and the doctors, yes the doctors dubbed me, "PUZZLEMASTER"

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