Friday, September 10, 2010

two week

not weak, but week
it could be?

#1. the duba-u from wigga, and like eek out yo
could equal WEEK


#2. the duba-u n double-e from weep and the k from o.k.
could equal WEEK

or just that two weeks have gone by
thats that

throwing pots, climbing on rock again (after 1 WEEK n a few days)
oh, n dreamin bout dream girls

here is a few more thing related things that i have been up to this week

caught some creepy colored missoula worker
tryin to give a little kid booze

sexual offender, can we say?

he wont be knockin on ur door anytime soon

zee beautaful fetures a Lolo
o fleenston roc

sam trying to grasp the boob on Horray for boobies

some hard Heartbroken
shittin ay right

n finally did Flyin Lotus, bad ass problem
dynamic moves to a sort of trust top

now i go and buy loc for bike
go listen records at ear candy
school it
enjoy music money
hope it does not rain no more

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