Monday, June 15, 2009

bending vs binge-eeng

well 3 or 4 or 5 days later
i am still alive
and now it is the start of my weekend
at 3:51 am on monday morn
i realize that a lot of things go down
even if u dont remember
new ones too
"my" definition of party-ing
and i realized tonight at me friends house that
scott james parker
has came along way
in name speaking wise
01. scott
02. scotty
03. scotty p
04. scotty pee
05. scotty pee pants
06. pee pants
07. pants

wow, thank you chad
and thats only on bar graph/histogram
i also realized that when people meet
and call me scotty right away
i feel awkward for them
not just me
when i say.
"hi im scott"
you say, "hi SCOTT, im ______"
scotty is for comfortable people
not you, or her, or him
but you
and my eyes are getton ick.
ok ok
me tired now
night night

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