Monday, June 29, 2009

how many days

watched swingers recently
awesome but "make me feel" weird movie
meaning u feel embarrassed for them in the movie
but anyways
in the movie it explains
to wait "how many days to call"
when he gets a number from a girl
his friends say 2 or 3 days
he does it that night and it is a funny scene
for me.
i danced last, last weekend at the "Badlander"
and ended up dancing with
"Noel" i cute but innocent girl
i played it chiil, but drunk mode
and left, like a cool dude, ha, nono
then this last saturday i was dancing at
the "Top Hat" and ran into her again
she literally said forcefully,
"give me ur number""i want ur number"
so i still played it cool
"ok ok"
then we danced and i went outside with my awesome roomate
"miss billie"
then i forgot sort of or was playing COOL
and she came out and was leaving
and said it again
"give me ur number"
so i did
later that night, cuz when ive been raging
its been latteee
and about 2"30
i got a text saying
"thanx for the dances" noelll
so now my point is...
its been two days and i dont really care to much ya know
cuz i love being alone but
since she demanded my number
she should call, huh?
Huh? maybe but i should too
i guess if i think i was someone else
i would call cuz "you can get laid easy" as some one says
im not a fuckin bro-skeeee
so no
but i am not a creep also
so she has to per-sue me,

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