Thursday, July 9, 2009


dreamer, i am, id say
almost lisk a d minor chord
that sound of that chord is
ya know
and two nights ago
i woke up with that d minor chord
raging in my mind
and all day
and yesterday
and today
d minor
d minor
if you dont know or how
go listen to an acoustic version of d minor
it is sad
and i dont know about you but
my body gets a bad warm feeling
does urs?
that d minor was set off by nothing that happened
a freakin thought
is that thought created by a dream
sometimes and usually i have major chord dreams
and those sound happy
go play an Amaj chord or even a Bb maj
happy right
now go back to that Dm
id say
i am hoping that this Dm does not proceed
towards my birthday
which is on saturday the 11th
yes, the greatest day ever
but right now, i could actually go out
in style too
by a quarter old= 25 years
and just stop
what else do i have to do
well yes live and love
but i will not go out with out living the love of life
so u and i are lucky,
theres no
"going out in style"
this time
but i am blue
like the D minor chord
blue as a dimmer dark blue
thats not that blue but blue
ya know
i will hear Gmaj
and be Gmaj
cuz all these last years of 4 or so
holy shat
i have been nothing but smiles
no anger now or then
but now and only i feel sad
SAD as in D flat minor now

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