Saturday, July 11, 2009

its my birthday

a long 25 years ago
my mother forced me out
all 10 lb 6 ounces
but i grew up and squished up to be
6'2"1/2 feet
159 lbs
small and fat
to tall and skinny
so my day
yes my day
so far has consisted of
-a mickeys 40 at 12 last night
-dream about dream girl #23
-wake up and go to the farmers market
-to play bluegrass and make 21 dollars for playin 1 1/2 hours
-double vodka redbull at the oldpost
-4 1/2 bloody mary's at snowbowl
-and i nice tasty pizza
-a sweet chocolate cake from nikki and cassi
-feel full and come home
-power nap and now round 2
-i got 4 more hours of 7/11 so i will make it good
-hopefully not remember past 12:00

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