Saturday, May 22, 2010

runnin 'round

still in joe's for two more days
and loving it

but wait

lets forget about the future
eff that shit
and look at the past
as we always do and always will

hold on to your buckets
me in the beginning
of my great climbing adventures

me (with a great beard at King, Butte)

muscular me
(debating about the best climb in kooter)
(11th commandment.. oh yea)

oh yeah my start in bouldering
in kooter, haaa

and now stuff i do
when i dont climb

live in my cabin, with my banjo
thinkin if i am inbred or not???

pose like a bad ass
with huge fuckin gun!!!

lick rock nipples, mmmmmhmm

the past
and now to theeee futureeeeee
i go


  1. great and informative post, sparker!

  2. Huge gun? Even WY has to have em bigger than that. do like the banjo pose. Cheers!