Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Events of Today

my events categorized
put into a day...

handed in two resumes.
drove to flagstaff mountain to check out
Just Right (v7) as it drips wet
Undercling Trav. (v9) as is pulsates water
and enjoyed a drive down the road


drove to flat iron mall (my fathers thought)
walked around and thought
(fuckin malls, me creepin)


5:00pm drove to manor care
to get my grams to take her to dinner
we (me and my dad)
have u ever seen choke
that is what manor care is sort of like
old fucks in wheel chairs being old
me (a handsome looking devil)
probably made these grandmothers wet dreams come true
by saying
(me smiling)

so talked to my grandmother
who is getting old.. fast
and it is sad but
we all get old and shit

took her to dinner at a mexicant place
with my grams stock lady
lynn, or linda, or shandy, or maybe sha-nee-qua
who knows
ate food and drank tequila (gold that is)
get drunk with my dad, stock lady and my grams
who always has a
manhattan sweet with two cherries

my father decides he is better off driving
thank god for old(er) drunk(er) people
so im the less drunker (as i think) backseat driver
some swerves here and there
but make we make it back to the manor care
and i hug my grams (g-barb)
get in my vehicle
and crave non the less (wintergreen)
and drive back in basically
a fucking snowstorm

excited to climb in snow
oh, and got invited
with my 87 year old grams
to go to the stock ladies sons grad party on saturday
better be ready samsquinch 'n' stash-man
party'n to be had

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