Thursday, July 21, 2011


ya know
like the early stages of development
as a kid
ya grow old and then

and all that excess crap
is scraped off
like skin (lichen)
teeth (choss)

and then u get used abused
and grow old
like greasy boulder problems

but like i said
it is the development
of a new area
and after all that jabber jib
there is no grease
and no grease
oh i said that

there are problems
and good fuckin problems

yesterday i built an ass load of landings
because there are many death holes
and there still is

sent a sweet v1
and a stand start v6?
and a v3?

One Up (v1)

Ka-nobs (v3)

Wooden Ball (v6) stand
sit is hard and goes

going back next monday and stayin for a while
overnight the next night and so on

for now, comes a busy busy weekend
music music and music


  1. Hey scotty! Im livin in butte for a while and havent climbed much lately but i'd love to add some grease to those fresh problems you got there.

  2. damn! now you're talking. now you're finding rock that looks like this