Sunday, July 31, 2011

BaBaBa Ba-oudlerssss

ahh yes boulderssss

the first main area

The sit to a V2 highball
what holds, nooooooo nooo

Dyno Proj
"i wish i was a little bit talla"
soooooo goood
'Playpen' Area


awesome V6 or 7 to the left of the Dyno Proj

Jesse loving the offwidth'n
and he punted damnnnn

Jesse on a sweet toe hook prob
if ur smaller than 6'2 or so
it is good

Our friend Gerald

Filmin "Wild Panch" v7

I fed Alfred and his family
his lady was gonna leave him
but i saved the day

Brandon trying a sweet V6?
helps if ur tall

V1 inbetween the main area and "Playpen area"
amazing slits
ya know

Jesse crushin A-rrest

awesome rock
pretty cool scenery
and nice moves
almost got
one hard move
and then sustained hard but easier moves

top out is sickkkkkk

"""Rail City"""

'Gettin Railed' V5
crazy press out mantle
a proj goes farther out right and tops out the middle of the boulder

the press out

right below the 'Gettin Railed'

super proj

Crushin a cool crimp mantle problem

Another Arete in the Rail City

main left
last of the day
but just had to do this one
sooooo goood
very unique holds and then followin the arete

our bread got squished
so, i thought of an idea
'Sparker Balls'
Chesse mooooshed inbetween bread
my face is really that red too

Brandon helped us load up
and got a classic
'Amateur Night at the Fox Club'
ha, yep

Wooden Ball V6
the sit is amazing
did mention steep and crimps

Wild Panch V7
best problem there

Pump up the Jams
Pump it up
Get Your Body PUMPIN

A vast a lot of amount of rock
was crushed like
Orange Julius' in the mall
and now more can be developed
and next
i got back
and work on the harder stuff
long time
great time
fun time

let me know
i gots a beta man


  1. This is awesome! Been waiting to see the results of you and Jesse's trip. Going back out there anytime soon? before 8/13 and excluding the
    8/5-7??? Went out to east rosebud yesterday for a crushathon: 11 problems crushed, 6 of them FAs! Miss you guys...

  2. Wow!!! That could make a boulderer out of me. Looks crazy good.

  3. so ssooo nice. wooden ball and wild panch look super duper funsy. THROW that video up here when jesse's done editing. good work duder