Saturday, August 20, 2011

Side Ache in the Baker

well, a big two days that was

hiked two loads up

went to the baker boulders
tried two projects
not psyched at all

so i decided to solo
the slabs to the left

after i did that
well, i was on top

this was a top the tier

"upper deck"
so to say
you can reach these boulders
from the left of the slabs and about a 25 min hike
holy shat
just as good or even better than the main area

then i thought,
this is thursday still,
(the day i hiked up two loads)
why not go to the top of trapper?
well shit

so i looked right and there was slab #2

took the line to the right of the "green grass crack"

and atop that tier was #3

then some scrambling
and a bunch of "false trapper peaks"
i made it to the top.
dammmmn great view

descended a similar way
other than the slabs

through a scree-pile
or massive boulder field high up

and then got to a place where
jesse and his "lady"
went skiing weeks before

so i decided on a quick descent
and went skiing in my shoes
super duper fun foooo shooo

so you can say i shredded the nar
or peaked a bag
or jerbbed a j
or what ever that ski lingo is
all i say
was it was a big day

and then i went to bed after i got back
big day

next day i woke up
eggs n cheese
7 of them actually
and then set off on a sore leg climbing day

set up the three pads
on a proj
and didnt really think of this bulge of rock
and that i would hit it, no no

well a few tries
and my side smashed into it
thought i was doing good toe hooking

so alone
hurting, for a bit
and wondering what to do
i laid in the shade
and thought of what to do, again

after some heavy breathin
i packed shit up and hiked the pads back to camp
laid in the tent for a bit
and thought
man, having alone time after people
people, people
is pretty nice
thought about what to do
what to do tomarrow
after music next week
parents entertaining
niece crazyness
where to go on my trip first
should i go to spain
should i try to go on a date
no alone is good, or is it
am i anti-social
why dont i have my guitar with me
south america sounds nice
mental hospitals sound fun too
is the new batman going to be good

then i got up
and packed up
and eff in a
it was heavy
i made it all the way back to
the ole vw
set this down

felt a bit lighter
if ya know what i mean

a big two days it was and
my side hurts
my calves hurt
my thighs
and my ass
cuz walkin downhill
gets to ur glutes

now i am resting for a day
then ill go run a marathon or 2

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  1. good christ, scotty, or should i say, bob marshall. humpin loads like its your job.