Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yaers Later
(sounds redneckee)
Yay-ers Layter

i finally dont have to go back to school
for now

this town just grew a shat ton too
and im out in, wait, in out
no no
out, in 14/13 days

cant wait
cant wait
took my bed out of my room today
yea, big process
and then i forgot i had my dad's sweet .22
between the mattresses
"best hiding place"
it looks like an AR
but takes .22 bullets
cheap shootn

i can feel that jitter si-k
crawling in my bones
i am looking forward to this

fall right
thats when the leaves turn
or is it spring

and this too

some sweet, cool alone time
so i can look back and laugh
and smile some more

might be headin to centraaal merica
with the cool crew
and look for some land to buy
so i can feel young forever
that is... unless.......

like i always say
if some lovely lady
is playing that one game
where you shoot an arrow straight up in the air
and everyone runs for it
and there is one unlucky person
that gets arrow(ed)
in this case
its that valentine shit
(cupids air-o)
and she just happens to arrow me
directly in the heart-strings
and i immediately sprint
(cuz ive been running)
to wal-mart
and buy a 50 cent ring
and live happily forever
that is. unless......

-i do what i do-


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  2. It'd take a special girl to take on that Deliverance lookin' mother fucker with the banjo.