Saturday, November 6, 2010

day 1

or should i say
is saturday
the 6th
of 11 of
O 10

i am here to explain a few things
perhaps they may be useful
or they may not
but all in all
i am here to explain why i am GOD

for starters
remember or dont
those humans that want or need to save the environment
dont really need too
cuz i want or need to save "money"

long ago
when i lived with these one kind folks
they thought of everything as in
"ego-logical footprints"
fuck that shit

i always asked them what that meant
as always, you usually get a blank obscure answer
that usually refrences their stint in EVST 101

see, do you even know who Janet Rankin is
ok, i do, cuz i know everything
and she just has a building named after her
I Am God

so i did my part
in this ego-logical footprinting

turned off lights

and not for the enviros
but to save money

and after all these years since it was invented
the light switching off that is

i seem to still enjoy a tasty oat
cuz they are cheap
and healthy
and good

and i am sure jesus ate oats too
cuz they are cheap
and healthy
and good

my, godly lesson to you
is to
never listen to anybuddy
but me

and instead of putting sugar on ur oats
put on some honey

and if you get trapped in bozeman, montana, usa
look for this arty house
and run the fuck away

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