Sunday, November 14, 2010

the flame burned out

i, sparker, must have some kind of power overtaking my body

i thought, wait, i dont believe in a god.

some super natural being was suckin my soul out

couldve been my absence in faith......

yep, thats it

well, enough of that god shit, its sunday right

i have been out climbin a bit here and there

whiskey gulch, instead of voting
some man dude and chick yelled at me for that
then back to whiskey
and now
this weekend
leavenworth, wa

climbing good, and great, and awesome lately
getting those climbs more quicker
or more better too

would really like to climb this in whiskey though

The Green Monster

everything in leavenworth had some sort of super beta
like palm bumping
or a slam dunk-tastic micheal jordon move
or some plain try hard

this was the hardest problem in the world
but the coolest problem in the world
the neato-ist moves in the world

yeah double double negative that

Mad Max 7A+

also testing the new wrangler shirt out from goodwill

speakin a new classic sweetass shirts

was down in nye, mt last weekend
for some "adventurin" at the homestead 2.0

2.0 = retired older people, well not that old, living in a couse (cabin+house=couse)
and my 2nd ever folks home
that also means withstanding my folks for more than 2 days
i usually go down there for my niece, miss mia

i also had some country shirts for the band
and my mother has an embroider machine
that blows shit out of the water
so i decided to spice these country shirts up
with some bad-ass-ery

eat your eyes out embroidery companies

if that doesnt eat'm out
click the picture
and your eyes could get raped
perhaps you need to "get protection" before clickin

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