Sunday, May 22, 2011

Culture Shock '011

-Los Angeles-

--some quick jotes--

*that picture does not make any sense, well maybe to LA'ns

*people r not friendly*
-somewhat friendly, but they will knock u out, yo
-just like my sis

*dirty as fuck*
-this needs a cuss word cuz it is really is
-the airpost TSA people even thought so too
-apparently when they never saw a montana id
-they wanted to somehow quit their job
-and come and make moneymoney in mt

*pictures do not make it look blue-sky-ee
-smog is very present in the sky
-and it suppose to be better/clearer after rain
-it rained the day before
*everything u order (food) is greasy
-grease in ur soda pop too
-glad i took some days of climbing down here
-grease lubed up and greased up my wounded tendons
*L.A. fashion is great and makes u laugh
-lets just use friends as an example
-i just think of every l.a. hipster couple i saw
-which is every single one
-and it made me think of samsquinch and kir-bear-sten
-maybe cuz they are actually cool people or something
-but it could be
-bright colored everything (new backpack?)
-really fancy sunglasses (la expensive though)
-fucked up hair-doos (like shaved side heads and shit
-included in their fashion is their 'talk'
-overheard some sweets talkin at starbucks
-like this, like that, like like, my dad, like like
-all in all, the women are damn hot and i think i must have had some L.A. dude fashion with these tight levi's and prana shirt, cuz i got some looks. got to love being with the family
-v-neck douscheeee tanks (sam would love to wear that shit)
-cut-off jeans (again)
-missoula hipster shoes/ flip-flops
-every single duder out there la and beyond is this

*No Pictures cuz you can just imagine

*and finally you have to watch out for
rabid kids running wild
like this one

-she will eat your eyes
-poo them out
-eat them again
-and then vomit them up
-and do back-strokes while laughing like a 4 y/o

-or just stare u to DEATH

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