Monday, May 2, 2011

the future

well, shit is going down
in my life, not america
who cares right?
but thinkin bout retiring this ole blog
why? what?
maybe retire facebook again
that shit is crazy
dont like the wall posts
cuz i dont even know some people
or i do, but havent seen them for yearrrrsss
what the fuck?
it is very wierd
like my sis, facebooked me
usually she calls
not cool sis, but u still dont read this
so maybe i might keep it going
maybe i might not
i do like writing non-sense scott thoughts
but who knows
also, i dont like knowing what everyone is doing
and everyone knows what i am doing
where i am doing
who i am doing

i want to leave this town and go climbing
the ole obama or is it osama thing
doesnt help for us relations with pakistan
that is even more scarier, fuckk


  1. one less extremist you will have to worry about though!

  2. ya....i'd say pakistan is probably THE most dangerous place to go on a climbing trip to in the near future...