Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stickin the wrong sutff in the wrong hole

Note to self, now
my father said," now u feel stupider"
"well i did that and started my truck two different times"

long story shorter,
i was with brandon n mollie in lolo, mt
exxon that is
and explaining my recent trip to disneyland
while i was highly excited in the tale
i stuck unleaded gas in my diesel
luckly i knew right away and did not start my car
thank god for brandon and mollie
she had AAA, with free tows anywhere
well, the tow truck took us
to her folks place in turah (20 some miles)
and her and dad and friend were excited to figure out a new car
it only cost a 6 pack of corona
thank you mollie and brandonnnnn

then we filled er up
and headed back out to lolo
and climbed for 4 hours
did a couple of new problems
that levi and dean cleaned last year

"First Born"





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