Thursday, November 3, 2011

near is end the

pretty excited for 11-11-11
cuz that is my number
and were playing in livingston
pretty excited for 11-10-11
cuz that is when martha scanlan is playin the top hat
pretty excited for 11-12-11
thats bozeman bluegrass festival at the emerson
pretty excited for 12-06-11
cuz i get to go get sun on the beach
with my family and niece
pretty excited for 11-03-11
cuz that is today
and everyday is great

my mother sent me this

my grams sold her house in the spring
yeah, boulder colorado
thank god, ha
and this is what the new owners found in the computer room
i always would sit
and make her tell stories
granted i didnt know what she was talking about
it is awesome to hear old peoples stories
and were born in the 20's

now she sits staring at the ceiling all day long
but thats what happens when u get old

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