Tuesday, November 15, 2011

truth is back

i tell brutal truths

if your not looking for
"beatin 'round the bush tales
come to me
ill tell u 'a' truth
'the' truth also

some fine thang finally got her share
of truth

and still, they dont get it
maybe i will just lie
but lies r jacks
my weekend consisted of

-hangin out with many people
-getting a total of 4-5 hours of sleep for both days
-gettin a royal flush in keno, and winning a shit load of money
(no i do not gamble, the band does)
-meeting the Jackson band and they r like the Lil Smokies
-falling in love with an ex-figure skater
(yes, tall, skinny, oh, and not blonde)
-playin piano like never before
-sleepin on hardwood floors (when i did sleep)
-attending another dill and whiskey party
-ab work out from laughing all weekend

waking up to cams in a hammock in a snow storm
with his mandolin

my cameras sd card sucks
pics sooner than later, yea

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