Monday, November 28, 2011

support ur friends

Mr. John and (Mrs?) Adeline
Ear Candy
the man

u have ur local bartenders that r the man/woman
u have ur local coffee baristas that r the woman/man
u have ur local locals that r the shit too

im not too much all about "buy local"
well, actually not at all to be correct
but i support Ear Candy
cuz John and Adeline r way cool
friday was black friday
but for some it was record store day
limited edition records
r handed out to independent record stores
in the us
only around 700 stores in the us
thats a lot, but thats not a lot

basically i go and geek out
when the store opens
cuz that is when the store opens
all the good stuff will be gone throughout the day

and u know how much i love Phish
there was the

White Album

Party Time

1st press and only press

yea, nerdin hard and that shit

i am stoked
the funny thing is
i will never open them up
or listen to them
it is kind of like not opening ur barbie doll
from the 60's
cuz it is a collectors item
once u open it, it loses value
atleast i can look and them

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