Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i gots a touchy feelee

usually i am pumped up for when it snows
only because it quiets the skiers down
it only makes them talk more
"nar shred pow pow"
"duddddeee, white nar"
i do not like cum shots in my face
excuse me
powder shots in my mouth

it is nice though
that now i can say
"its really snowee outside,
guess i better stay in"
instead of
"i just stayed in all day when it was really nice out"
apparently my friends dont like that

last night at 2:00 or maybe it was earlier
or later?
i took advantage of snow sports and made this

gods angel made out of 100% pure snow

this is what snow clothes look like

and ra-tard lady poses

still the same ole same ole
i cant wait for february
cuz thats closer to older
cuz i get to go to work 2 nights a week
every weekend
music though

sometimes i feel like this when i have to have fun

and other times
when i am going to conquer the world
and not give a fuck i feel like this

or just wantin hugs and kisses

once in a while i take hiatus'
from things
like this and that
and said and unsaid things

but i rekindled my non-hiatus time with my records
its like when u get off a problem "in the gym"
and u sit down
and u just stare at the wall
prolly cuz ur trying to make up problems?

and u just stare and go touch a hold on again
and sit down again
and stare again
and then realize ur friend is sitting right next to u
oh, hey whats up
yea, that is what i have been doing with this wall

what shall i listen to
touch, nope
back up
step forward, touch, nope
and then i think to myself
ipod are so simple
and then someone has been watching u
and not that i get embarrassed but
instead create a shy face
so they c about 1/2 ur face
like a sad puppy
the way they turn away when their sad
i step forward and go with a good ole
inbred bluegrass piece of art
until that person calls u an inbred
and then go back to square one
and recycle the same motions
and over
until a lady shows up
wait what time was it?

well, then u dont feel so bad
when u were getting all touchy feelee with vinyl
and neither does she

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