Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am Free

sometimes on a loan
$40 bucks, sure ill do it
what is it u want me to do
oh, nevermind, no thanks
usually, i am free
free to hang out
free at cost to have hanged out
and just free of everything
i finally got free of my sickness

that is death-ness in my terms
no good
my roomate said he thought i was dead
on day 3 though, i came out
of my room, ha

so, being a fucked up person
getting sick-er than -shit
is awesome
why so?
because i am a climber
i look at the positive aspects of death

i lost 7 pounds during that time
nothing like
drinking water
and drinking codeine
does wonders

that could be a climber diet.

look i even became a bit ra-tard

and i can see my ribs again
no it does not sound wierd
or narcissism
its called
healthy narcissism
(as a climber)

and blogs
or journal-n
as a think sometimes
does help with all this
cuz i get my thoughts down
great huh

i read a website the other day
yes, grade school graduate
and it had a top 21 things to do
to change ur life up
and 2 of the 21 were
.Put down the computer
and the other was
.Put down the computer
i took that and have been putting down the computer
and pickin up other electronic devices
like this little guy

another electronic device
the kindle fire is the shit
i read again
and i have more space because i gave all
my books back to the store
cuz i found out, just like music,
how to get every single book i want
for free
that does involve pickin up the computer
and downloading
but what ever

i guess i didnt get rid of every book
i collect "art coffee table books" now

and this is the newest edition to my edition

look how big that thing is
hell yea to graffiti.

one other thing
cuz ya know me..
it is funny for a girl calls her thang "my girl"
and "ur guy"
but i say "jay"
for hers or "jaybird"

this also made me miss jordan
his hot new wife


  1. Got Giardia a year and a half ago. Got thin again, like 15lbs thin in 7 weeks, a painful way to loose it though. I can relate

  2. Now that you're skinny again... thanks to the fever and anorexia/vanity, you should come flail with jd and kyle and I out in Buttopia. Just like ol' times, but instead of camping in the frigid cold at whiskey you can take frigid cold shots of whiskey in up-town butte.