Thursday, February 23, 2012


for days and days
i stand around the desk-table

and for days and days
i sit around the drafting table
well one is
i am makin some art
and two is
i have a show in july
almost in august
and three is
even though i dont really need a degree
in what i am trying to do
i am trying to use my degree
yeah art degree that is
now now
it taught me some things
i cant list them cuz there is not much

i am trying to read up on minimalism
cuz that is what kind of concept and explanation
i am trying to fathom

i finally got my tax returns
checked at 8:07 this morn
i am going to try and get jesse to go on a trip
he usually is on "lock-down-of-love"
with ya know
i might buy a few things with the return
cuz that is how i stimulate our economy
how bout u?

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