Wednesday, February 15, 2012


shit is random in my life
but all fully aware of well put together

went to work for 2 weekends in a row
and made cash galore in my pockets
put it all in the bank
and to the companys that bill my house
and not i forgot that i get tax returns
love beating the system
(you can literally rape the government in tax season)

so now i have til the 10th of march
until i go back to work
i figured why not do something spontaneous
or random
like go meet sakirtam (sam and kirsten)
down in bishop for 3 weeks
nothing smarter than saving ur money like a homeless person
but first
last weekend was a doozy

watch a bunch for
mountain dew, fox racing, truck driving
meat heads compete for the
Montana Arm Wrestling Association
it was funny as shit
reminded me of Wyoming
here is the finalists

but luckly for them
they had to deal with this fuckin massive thing

ended up in 1st place
Meatheads, ha
they think they r all bad ass
but guess what
climbing gets u strong
and masturbating occasionally too

and so i came out first

yes, that does say 1sat place
but actually
i wanted a souvenir from the weekend
so a took 1st 2nd AND 3rd place medals
(extras just laying around)
i need to stop collecting so much shit

oh goo news.
and maybe not for some
right when i got sick, ya
cant really go out
or smoke cigs
or anything cuz ya feel like death
so it is a good time to stop doing everything
like go sober

so not only do i save money
i have not taken, drank, anythinggggg
for 2 weeks 3 days
yes completely sober
not a drop of alcohol
(passed the major test of hanging with the Lil Smokies)
no drugs

sounds gay i know
but i am kind of likin it
no money to spend on shit now
i am kind of testing myself to see who long i can go
without doing anything

i think for a long time
ok ok
the real story is i found god
duhhhh no shit right
just kidding dont believe in the good feller.

so after the weekend
or both weekends of crazy music
i shut down every cute girl that offered a shot
a beer
a hang out at 3 am let get crazy
snus chew
patron tequila by the dozens

cuz i dont want to feel like this

or look like this

so i faked it and looked like this

and also
it is funny how pissed off
literally fuckin pissed!!
ur friends get when u dont want to go get a beer with them
cuz a beer in my friends or missoula wording is
get black out drunk
and someone will drive

hopefully the next post will be
from a sitting position at
the Looney Bean in Bishop CA!!!

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